capturing our blessings :: 26

 {left to right :: Rachel :: Jenny :: Rebekah :: Kristen}

capturing our blessings is a month long collaborative project :: four sisters, a photo a day shared side by side as an exercise in finding gratitude and joy during the month dedicated to celebrating Thanksgiving. More about the project HERE.

Today was our annual cousins santa photo day, the seventh one to date! We braved the morning with our eleven in tow...did you guys know that the four of us have eleven kids between us?? Lots of love shared with these cousins and major memories to be made...I think they had fun but lets be honest it was a zoo!

Here's the professional capture in all it's santa photo glory...

So awesome...curious if we will be bringing anymore with us next year :)!


  1. Oh man, you've gotta email me a copy of that shot you got of our big boys hugging!!! Those smiles!!! They love each other so much. Love sharing these traditions with you!! xo

  2. I can't believe they are all looking at the camera! Someone must've been back there providing quite the entertainment to get them all to look at the same time! Twenty-two eyeballs, wow. :-)


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