back to school

Just a few small glimpses from this past week. Simon headed back to school on Tuesday, first grade this year. I didn't share much about his school experience last year here on my blog. That season was full of so much unexpected including the decision to put him into half day kindergarten in December after finding out that I was pregnant and the reality that we had moved, pulled the boys out of their preschool and pre-k programs and it frankly wasn't in our budget to do preschool anyway.

We put him into kinder fully planning to have him repeat since he was one of the youngest in his class but he did really well and excelled in math and reading and so his teacher talked us into going onto first grade. But in so many ways this felt like the "first day" for us as a family sending our big boy off officially at the beginning of the year. New classmates, a new teacher, packing a lunch every single day, so many firsts for all of us!

We hosted our second Back to School Dinner on the eve of the big day to celebrate the start of a new season and we shared with the kids our family scripture for the year as well.  Matthew 5:14 "you are the light of the world" we hope to focus on what it means to be light in the places God has placed us over the course of the next twelve months an incredible challenge for us as parents as well as for our little ones. It was a super fun evening shared with some of the grandparents offering prayers for our kids especially and our family as a unit.

My big boy is growing up so fast. This is his sweet little nervous smile. We have been blessed that he is super courageous and usually enters into new social situations without much more than a "see you later" but I could tell he had some butterflies...such a tender spirit my sweet Simon! 

To a new year fresh for the taking with much opportunity, growth, blessing and new challenges around the corner!!


  1. Oh, Simon! What a brave boy (and mama). The picture with him standing in front of the door looks just like Chris and that menu looks fabulous!

  2. I love the idea of a Back to School Dinner - what a great tradition to have with your family. I want to make sure that I find cute little ways to celebrate my daughter too :)

  3. How sweet is your back to school menu!! The sweetest photos of your little guy!! Too cute! Have a great week! xo Heather

  4. Rebekah, I loved reading this post and seeing your wonderful photos of Simon! My head and heart are reeling a bit trying to fathom how he is a first grader already... and to think that we will both have kindergarteners next year, too... it is happening so fast. But that said, it is so fun and thrilling, too--I mean, just look at the smile on Simon's face (and that excited instagram shot of him that you should totally include here, too--just priceless!!)! I am so proud of him and you guys, and can't wait to hear about all of the great things he learning and doing throughout the year! We love you, Simon!!


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