Kristen :: 40 weeks

Last month, just days before my sister in law gave birth to her third son at home, I had the honor and joy of spending an overcast afternoon with her at the park. Along with my darling nephews capturing her ripe with baby and full of such gorgeous anticipation! 

It was a gift to have that chance to be together with my dear friend and sister sharing our hearts about this season of life, rejoicing in all that God has done and is doing in our families and celebrating one of the most blessed times in a women's life. 

I love you Kristen and the crazy beautiful journey God has us on together thanks for letting me snap a few shots of your beautiful self! xo, Rebekah


  1. oh my goodness -- these are soooo good, i am so glad you posted more of them!!
    i looove the one of kristen laying in the grass on her side, just beautiful.
    good work -- you have more talent in your little fingers than most in all their whole body and mind :)

  2. oh, rebekah, i am just so moved tonight receiving this sweet gift from you. as i sit here taking in these images for the first time, luke asleep on my chest as i do, i keep thinking--only God knew the blessings I was about to receive in the days that followed this shoot. Now I can look back at these photos and know it was our sweet baby Luke curled up in that huge tummy of mine... this amazing son that has now taken his place in our family, and in our hearts forever, with two amazing older brothers... my heart is just so full of gratitude and wonder and joy.

    thank you for sharing your rich talent for finding and capturing beauty, to bless me so deeply and abundantly... these photos are lovely, and hold so much for me...including the gift of our time together, talking and laughing and empathizing and encouraging :) i love you, rebekah, so much! thank you, again, for taking the time to do this photoshoot...and the photo editing, too...during a very, very full season of life--such a huge gift. xoxo

  3. Such a beautiful belly and mama! I am so glad to hear she had a healthy home birth. My son was born at home 7 months ago and I am a HUGE advocate for it. Go mama go!
    (the photography is simply stunning as well! thanks for capturing this and sharing it!)

  4. I love the feeling of these photos... So natural & beautiful!

  5. Beautiful!!! Love these pics. <3

  6. I love, love, love these photos, Rebekah! What a gift that Kristen has this shoot from you!

  7. I am oohing and ahhing (again!) over these beautiful pictures, and the ways they represent the beautiful spirit of each of you women! It has been such a sweet time to get to take in the joy of your pregnancies as I near the end of mine. This camaraderie of women, children, pregnancy of life is quite a gift. Thank you both for capturing and sharing a few moments with the world!

  8. Hello Rebekah: I was looking for some craft ideas and came to your blog from August 2011. Below is what I responded to you. I have copied here in the hope that you can read it. I just wanted to share with you because you seem to be such a wonderful spirit and to let you know as well that I am doing well. Here is the copy:

    For some reason, tonight I ended up in your blog. I was looking for some neat craft ideas and decided to find out what you were writing about.
    I have to share with you that I am ashamed of myself! I lost my lovely house, my husband left me, I became very depressed and needed to be hospitalized as I became suicidal, and because of that, my 13 year-old son was taken away from me. ALL at the same time!
    I found myself alone, with no money, no place to live and with overwhelming sadness.
    My shame comes from my lack of faith in God.
    I wish I could have your faith and trust in Him. If you read this, know that there are ALWAYS other people having a harder time, and know it not as a consolation, but as a reminder of how many blessings you have: your husband, your children, your health!
    I wish you the best Rebekah! You are such a good daughter of God! He will surely take care of you and your family. I will continue reading your blog and I hope you will have great news to tell soon.
    A Friend from Canada...

  9. so, so stunning! i love these pictures, rebekah, and the people in them! such a gift, indeed!


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