a visit from the fairy

simon lost his first tooth (age 6)

this happened last week.. 

can you see it?

can you see it? 

his tooth pillow

I thought I would have more warning but we dropped him off at sunday school and when we picked him up it was loose. By dinner time he was getting annoyed with it so he asked Dad to yank it out...

with a pocket for the fairy

I quickly threw together a tooth fairy pillow. I had always imagined making one for my kids but like I said I did not plan on having only a few hours to come up with something. Isn't that just how these stages with kids go. One moment you are changing diapers and the next the tooth fairy is on her way...he was very sentimental about the whole thing leaving his tooth knowing it was gone forever. She left a five though, since the fairy always brings the biggest gift for the first tooth :) and some dental floss. I think he forgot about it pretty fast.

I wish I could bottle up time and tuck in MY pocket.

I thought I would share the pattern I used for the pillow just in case the tooth fairy rushes you too...

...next up first grade. hold me.



    I wish I could bottle up time, too. :)

  2. He is too CUTE! I also love the pillow!

  3. How adorable is your sweet son!! Love the tooth pillow! Too cute! xo Heather

  4. You are so crafty, chica. And I wish I could bottle time, too.

  5. so sweet! the toothless boy and the pillow.

  6. This post and pillow are so adorable! First grade?! Wow!

  7. Yay Simon! I couldn't believe he let Chris yank it..so brave!


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