{my june favorites}

{one} - roots and wings {two} - loving lola {three} - the driveway of life {four} - alita jewels treasures {five} - re-collected {six} - humble habit {seven} - smith squad {eight} - renton for life {nine} - shaking the tree {ten} - historias minimas

Some incredible captures once again from all you ten on teners this month. I am amazed that after nearly five years this project still inspires and blesses me so very much! Thanks to all of you awesome contributors the life and beauty you always find is truly gorgeous I am looking forward to July!!

Find out more about the Ten on Ten project HERE


  1. It kind of made my day one of my pictures made your favorite list, thanks for that!! Put a happy step in my day!

  2. Oh, thanks Rebekah! Someday I'll break out my nice camera but it's been so easy to participate with my iPhone ;) and now I'm craving cherries all over again!

  3. Oh wow, thanks for including my girl in your favorites :) love doing ten on ten (when I remember). I actually set it in my phone calendar because I'm always so bummed when I realize it's the 11th and I've missed the 10th. Thanks again!!!

  4. I was so pleased to see one of mine here in your favs, thank you. i enjoy this project so much and every month i look forward to it, thanks so much!


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