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{one} - today is mine {two} - amy hershey's kisses {three} - cookie mondays {four} - alita jewels treasures {five} - historias minimas {six} - sometimes sarah writes {seven} - a pretty cool life {eight} - kuky ideas {nine} - live simply {ten} - stacy bostrom photography

I finished choosing my favorite photos from this months installment finally. It is always SO hard to pick, you guys just take such beautiful photos! Thank you to all who participated in the ten on ten project for April it is always a joy and gift to me - looking forward to next month...who knows I might have a new baby in my arms, we shall see!


  1. I love all these photos...especially the third hand-holding one - precious!
    Wonderful post, as always :)
    Check out my newest post on CoverGirl and Converse if you have the time!

    Taylor {CoverGirl and Converse}

  2. All such beautiful pictures.
    Love the the second one.
    My need for fresh air and a wide open space is loving it!

  3. I loved perusing all these blogs, such a lovely idea, I always leave refreshed and looking at my own home/children/life in a new way. =)

  4. yup -- I know those grey skies. i lived in Monroe, Everett, Mulkilteo, then Lynnwood -- and then back to Utah (um, during the 80's) and I recall the weather was usually rainy, but when the sun came out it was gorgeous there!! nice blog! ~ Renae

  5. I love following your blog. You are always positive and your ideas, photos, and baby ideas are inspiring. I am awaiting my first grandbaby boy in June. I can hardly wait. I will be praying for you.


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