Easter snapshots + a Ten on Ten reminder

A wonderful holiday including a surprise egg hunt just for my three after they thought the Easter bunny forgot about them this year! Sunshine, yummy food, fellowship and dark chocolate of course. All four of my people were snoring before I even got the van unloaded last night. Could have been the 5:30 wake up call and the four church services Mr. Gough got to lead...a very full and wonderful holiday for the memory books indeed!

I will be posting more snapshots tomorrow for Ten on Ten and hope you will join me too - learn more about the project HERE!


  1. That little baby face! So "juicy..."
    What a beautiful Easter.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Everything on the bbq looks wonderful!

  3. What beautiful pictures!! It looks like you had a glorious Easter with your family! xo Heather

  4. I missed Don & Julia's house this year...and it looks like you had some delicious food- your dad is such a great chef!

    Wasn't the weather perfect? Hope you all got some well deserved rest. Missed spending the holiday with you and your family...

  5. aww looks like such fun times!!!

  6. I love the one with you and Jo Jo!! So cute...what a gorgeous day!

  7. I can't remember more beautiful easter weather in SUCH a long time. Sad I missed you at church - I was there early but was hoping to see you to give an easter hug. Glad you had such a happy day :)


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