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Over the holidays I picked up several thrifted fair isle sweaters that I had planned to use to make some new stockings for our family. One of them in particular was a sweet little red and purple one that I loved but it was a super tiny baby sweater and was badly moth eaten so not really something that could be worn again and in the end a little to small for a full stocking.

I wanted to use it somehow though because I just loved the print and so I cut it up and set it aside knowing that it would be perfect refashioned as a chunky bangle for the winter months. As luck would have it on Christmas Eve my baby sister Katie gifted me a big chunky hand knit bangle (for the record she hand knitted the big purple one because she has real yarn skills - she always makes such sweet hand knit gifts for us I love it!) and the color matched perfectly to the one sitting on my crafting table at home! It was just enough incentive to finish up the one I had started and I love how it turned out. I thought I would share a little step by step with you today in case you are in the mood to make a stack for the chilly winter months too!

 This project is super quick and easy all you need:

old or thrifted sweater
bracelet form
needle and yarn or thread

Simply cut a rectangle that is long enough to fit around the bracelet form. Mine was ten inches around the outside and I ended up cutting it down to nine inches to allow for stretch but all sweaters stretch differently so play with the size a bit. and cut it wide enough to allow for sewing down the edges a bit. Again I really just eyeballed this thing and once the rectangle fit pretty well I sewed about 1/4 inch seams on each side and then sewed the whole thing together inside out at each end...make sense?

Then I slipped the sweater over the bracelet...

And used a needle and yarn to hand sew the sweater closed. You could alternately use glue and just glue the sweater down but I wasn't really feeling like fussing with glue on this - if I did use glue I would have used Fabritac my personal favorite!

And that was that, simple and quick a fun little accessory to brighten up these long winter days. Hope you have a wonderful week friends and happy Monday!

PS. another fun sweater project HERE!


  1. What?! I love this! And it's the perfect way to wear bright sweaters that I'm too bashful to wear!

  2. This is an awesome tutorial and so easy! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is such a great tutorial! So easy!

  4. I had that sweater when I was 12 or 13! I loved it because it could go with anything with all those colors :) What a cute idea and it brought back some good memories. Thanks, Rebekah!

  5. Super cute rebekah, I want some! (notice I didn't say wanted to looks easy enough but I'm feeling lazy ;))

  6. lovelovelove these!

    I owe you an email, we've been sick! xoxo

  7. Great idea! And something I might even be able to pull off. So cute. :)

  8. I love the pops of color in the sweater pattern you chose. Love this idea so much that I featured it in my blog roundup today: Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Love it.. linked to you in my blog, hope that's ok :)
    Love, Isabella <3

  10. Great idea! Martha Stewart had the same ones featured on her site back in 2008.

  11. This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing.


  12. This is such a cute idea! I have recently gotten into knitting and this is a great thing that I could try. I also love that they are bangles! I would love to get some bangles for my baby, and I might even try to make her one like these! Thanks for sharing your cute DIY!

    Amber |


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