{my december favorites}

{one} - gidget goes home {two} - alita jewel's treasures {three} - a little birdie told me {four} - unique simplicity {five} - simply busy {six} - rosofam {seven} - capturing motherhood {eight} - stacy bostrom photography {nine} - the value of cheerfulness {ten} - a cuppa kim

My favorites this month all have a little bit of Christmas cheer in them. It was an incredible month once again I loved looking through all of your amazing photographs, an awesome way to finish out another year of ten on ten!

I am looking forward to the first installment of 2012 in January - a huge thanks to all who participated this month it is always a joy and a gift to share in this fun ritual of finding beauty in the ordinary with you!


  1. Even though I don't celebrate Christmas (I'm Jewish), those pictures make me happy. Yay Christmas cheer! And a happy and blessed Christmas to all Christian readers :)

    This Good Life

  2. Thank you for including my picture. I felt so "meh" all day on the 10th and now looking back at the pictures I see just how special the day is in this special time. EXACTLY the reason FOR ten on ten. And why I love to participate! THANK you for hosting and thinking up the idea. :)


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