saying goodbye

It's been over a week now since we officially closed and moved forward into the next chapter saying goodbye to our home. My heart is still unraveling itself from the finality of it all but it feels good in so many ways to be able to walk away knowing that we are right where God wants us to be.

These are photos of us wrapping up at our first's a long long rather tiedious story but we actually ended the short sale process with two houses in the past two weeks. So many are in the same spot I know right now and although I wish it wasn't the case I am deeply grateful that this two year journey is finally behind us.

We spent time at both homes saying goodbye. Praying for the new owners and bidding adieu to neighbors and friends. Its weird knowing that we can't ever go back onto these properties again. It just feels so strange knowing how many memories were made.

How my water broke five weeks early in this tiny little house and I had to convince Mr. Gough to get his butt in the car because it was game time and no I did not pee my pants :)...the time I lit the bathroom on fire at 1am preparing for my sister in laws bridal shower because I somehow knocked over a candle and it caught the towel...sweat and hard work and the way it smelled like home even from the first time we laid eyes on it.

But I am learning. Everyday Chris comes home from his job at the Union Gospel Mission and tells me of the amazing things he sees God doing in our city. He shares heartbreaking trials and incredible triumph. We've watched a transitional housing development burn to the ground displacing 41 in minutes - babies and mommies and tired fathers with nowhere to go. These stories put my life into perspective and help make it much easier to let go and move forward trusting in God and asking to be apart of His story.

So just like that the tide shifts and things change. And I am proud to say that we weathered many storms this year together as a family coming out strong and happy - and a little bit pooped out :) - but so thankful.

So as a little tribute Heather asked me to share a final home tour on her Home Made Lovely series today. It felt really good to put together some before and after pictures one last time and to thank God for the season that he allowed us to live in that space.

If you would like to see the tour go HERE! Thanks Heather for the opportunity it was just what my heart needed


  1. i saw your house tour earlier today...what a lovely home. but God knows your story is greater than your home. go forth.

  2. what wonderful words. full of wisdom.
    god bless you.

  3. oh wow; such a beautiful journey:) i feel for you and hear your strength coming from Him through each emotion you share:) hoping and praying for a wonderful new journey for you and your family!

  4. your home tour was beautiful. :) praying peace and blessings for you and your family on this new journey that God is leading you through. He has great plans!

  5. I loved 'walking' through your home yesterday at Heather's. It really was an exceptionally lovely home. I so appreciate your perspective about saying goodbye to a house. Thank you for allowing us to peak inside your home, but more than that, thank you for sharing your heart. I have no doubt that God is honored by your faithfulness to Him!

  6. so much beauty here in your words, your heart, your photos, and of course your homes as well. i love you and am so proud of you, rebekah. there is such wisdom in you--cultivated through many hard things and challenges, especially during these past two years. you have grown in beauty and strength in ways that totally glorify God and testify of his goodness and faithfulness. thank you for sharing your life, for blessing me, and for encouraging me through your journey! we continue to pray for you all and are cheering you on in this new season! xoxo

  7. Love this tribute, love your wisdom, love you.

  8. I feel your pain, we just went through this. Leaving our old house was so incredibly hard. It was almost harder then leaving our friends, because we knew we'd never go in it again. But once we were gone and busy with getting settled in the new place, the sadness faded away and I felt much better.

    Good luck with your journey! Love the house tour photos...your yellow piano is my favorite thing ever.

  9. i am loving this post. i saw your home tour and wow! love! i am especially touched because we just moved across the country and said goodbye to our loved loved home. i wrote about our house specifically here:
    we're currently in a rental home and i'm totally not inspired :-/ but we'll make another home our own soon and so will you :)God bless, alicia

  10. mmm... i love your post.
    just wrote out an envelope to your new address :)

  11. your home is just lovely. I love that wall paper in the dining room with the blue cabinet ... fab. And the little nook for the crib. BRILLIANT. love every single thing about it. Concrete counter.... amazing.

  12. I followed the link to your home tour - what a lovely home, but even better is hearing how your faith is carrying you through the process of the short sales...of moving...of saying goodbye. May the Lord continue to bless your family. Any many prayers as you make your new place into a home that will nurture your faith and your family.

    P.S. LOVE the prints above your boys' beds. Can you share info on those? Where did you order them from? Or did you make? Details please!

  13. rebekah, your faithfulness and heart for God inspire me so greatly. i just can't help but think of what amazing children you are raising as they see you walk with Christ. i adore you!! xo


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