My word I have had a hard time putting together a proper post this week. I do so love this time of year though and have lots to share in due time I promise!

I spotted this amazing little wreath tutorial over at tatertos & jello recently and love it so much - it's so adorable and so accessible I want to make one!! There is always something fun to make if we had endless time and money isn't there. We could all stow away in a craft cottage like little elves and craft our lives away couldn't we but alas there is always something else pulling for our attention.

Last night Chris was tucking the boys in and he made a comment that their room was quite a mess Levi says "yeah I know why don't you pick it up while we are asleep" ha I know what you mean son, I know what you mean :).

In the mean time I am excited to announce that Joanna Roddy is the winner of the Shabby Apple giveaway - super excited for you Joey I will be in touch!! Also I did a little interview on our nursery over on baby space today - if your not sick of our nursery yet you can check it out HERE.

Hope your Tuesday is going splendidly I will be back soon promise!


  1. What?! Joey!! Maybe I can borrow it while she's pregnant? (hint,hint...joey if you're reading!)

  2. Always look forward to coming over and catching up with you. Congrats Joey! Have a lovely day Rebekah.

    Always Wendy

  3. I love your crafty elves image. How dreamy would that be?

  4. Yay! Rebekah, you already know how tickled I am about this. Thank you so much. And, yes Jenny, you can totally borrow. :)


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