Happy Saturday!

I know I haven't been around much this week truthfully we are still having some kinks with our internet connection and it's been super hard to blog. I think we have almost got it all figured out thought and I plan to be back to our usual programming next week with a HUGE surprise scheduled for Monday that you are NOT going to want to miss :)!!

We made it to the fair for Mr. Gough's birthday and I hope to share a few more photos from that as well as a couple sneak peeks of our new home that we are sloooooooooowllllllyyyy settling into. Oh my gosh I know it sounds easy, pack up your house move your stuff unpack and get on with it but yeah you know when you fold a bunch of laundry and then your little one comes along and unfolds it all while your back is turned...um yeah try that times fifty thousand it's taking patience to do this thing!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend I promise to be back on Monday see you soon! xoxo


  1. What a great shot...hope you guys had a great day at the fair!

  2. LOVE what you did with your fair pic. makes me feel so nostalgic!


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