Ten on Ten :: July 2011

Happy tenth everyone it's a beauty! I hope you have fun capturing the bright moments you find woven throughout your day I am looking forward to seeing them all later on!!

When your ready add your set to the linky below and if your new around here all you have to do is take a photo an hour for ten hours and then post them to your own blog and capture a snapshot of what an ordinary day in you life looks like. Read more about the ten on ten project HERE.

ten on ten button small


  1. I just discovered this and think it's a really cool idea! I can't wait until next month to take part in the fun!

  2. So, I posted the link to the "preview" of my post not the actual post - I'm new to this blogging thing! :) Here's the correct link: http://yehlofit.blogspot.com/2011/07/ten-on-ten.html

    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  3. looks so great - go ahead and add your link again so that everyone can see!!!


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