{my july favorites}

{one} - dogs like digging holes {two} - capturing motherhood (three} - rosofam {four) - annalea hart {five} - tahuya time {six} - life thorough this lens {seven} - educated not so domesticated {eight} - re.collected {nine} - art creativity life {ten} - stacy bostrom photography

There are so many wonderful, summery photos this month! I saw lots of crab pots, tents, swimming pools, picnics - it is always fun to get around and admire the pretty sets I hope you guys all got a chance to check them out too!

Thanks to everyone who participated what a thrill and joy to see the response to finding beauty in an ordinary day, I am already looking forward to August!!!

Happy Photographing Friends!

more on this project HERE


  1. you put them all together so beautifully. i LOOOOOVE those juicy meadow lips! (that is the baby's name) :)

  2. Wahoo! I'm a fav! :) This makes my night!



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