holiday weekend

so far ours is started off with breakfast on the deck soaking in the sunshine - this morning I had kashi with chocolate almond milk,  fresh blueberries and french press

but I am dreaming about the vintage manual espresso machine my sweetie totally scored for me on ebay last night - I screamed with glee when he won a deal is hard to find

an adventure for the boys with Auntie Katie and Nana to the beach

a long training ride for Mr. Gough (STP is next weekend!)

a nap for the littlest one in our home

about fifteen loads of laundry and a very, VERY messy house for Mama to tackle 

but I am taking a moment to breath deep, smell the summer air and look forward to what
promises to be a magical long holiday weekend.

I hope yours is safe and blessed however it takes shape. I will be back on Tuesday 
(after swim lessons for the boys of course - um can we say excited!) 

Happy Independence Day Friends!


  1. Ohhh I have never had chocolate almond milk but it sounds delicious! What a healthy breakfast you had. Enjoy your long weekend :-)

    XO Lindsay

  2. Seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. I have been a long time subscriber. I thought I'd stop in and finally say hello. you rock! I love the star headband! Very cute!

  3. finally found the source of the ten-on-ten project! i look forward to participating this month :-)
    added the button, new follower of your blog. enjoy your holiday weekend!

  4. Happy 4th! Your layout is adorable and those blueberries look fantastic. Yum!

  5. Hope the boys love swim! Maggie and I will be back in a week to check up on 'em!

  6. I really like your blog :) I am your new follower, great posts....

    visit my new blog and be my follower if you want:

    have a nice days


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