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Thanks to everyone who participated in Ten on Ten this month, there is still time to link up below if you haven't yet.  I have loved checking out each one of your beautiful sets - I only wish I could stop and comment on them all but trust me your days are full of such amazing life and beauty it is a joy to see!

This month my favorites are all full of the whispers of summer and sunshine something we haven't had much of here is Seattle this year. Fun little fact it has been the coldest spring on record for Seattle - true story so these selections are to remind myself that one day we will have more than a twelve hour stretch of warmth and light around these parts! Click to enlarge the collage and see it a bit bigger. Some really great photos to choose from this time! I hope you all have a wonderful week - looking forward to another installment in June but until then, happy photographing my friends! xo


  1. Just discovered your 10 on 10 from mel at larson lingo. Can't wait to participate next month! GREAT idea! :)

  2. just so so proud of you and all this has become. you are doing an awesome job. YOUR ten on ten was simply perfection. your eye for the world and beauty is pretty incredible. cheers to rebekah!!!!!!

  3. Truly some beautiful photos of the springtime light this month. Very inspirational - thanks for including me.

  4. Amazing photos!! I will be definitely be trying to do this 10 on the 10th next month! Thank you for the inspiration Sabrina


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