the best part of my day

it has to be the little pitter patter of tiny feet running down the hall in the morning. I am so NOT a morning person and Chris is always up first with our early birds but I still always love to see the blonde top of Simon's head peeking over the edge of the bed smiling the biggest good morning grin. That boy is in such a great mood when he wakes up oh how I wish that was the case for me too. Often times he says to me "good morning Mom - do you need coffee this morning?" to which I laugh and reply yes. Then he makes a b-line for the kitchen where Chris is getting cereal or eggs started and I hear him say "hey Dad Mom NEEDS coffee" it always cracks me up, and I always give him an extra kiss when Daddy brings me that coffee in bed!

so what about you whats the best part of your day?


  1. Morning hugs are a good one, but I have to say seeing their faces light up when I come to pick them up from school is the best.

  2. Coffee is involved in the best part of my day too. I am a morning person. My little people are no longer little and aren't very grinny in the morning. So, I 'd say prayers + coffee are my favorite part of the day. Btw, linked your blog in my post today ;-)

  3. This made me smile. I am so NOT a morning person either! My son is only 11 months old... I love walking into his room in the morning to see him sitting up and clapping when he sees me! So precious!

  4. Sounds remarkably similar to what goes on in our place in the mornings! :) Alisha Sanvicens sent me a link to your blog suggesting I check it out and am so glad she did--beautiful! Look forward to having a good look around here. And, just maybe, participating in the next 10 on 10. :)


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