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{Dinner at Eight is a special project I am doing with my friend Andi this year - planning date nights at home for our husbands every other week, putting the kids to bed early and being intentional about our marriages! Read more dinner at eight posts HERE!}
 It has been another sick week for me so when I started thinking about planning our little date night I felt the perfect solution to go with our theme of breakfast for dinner was to serve it up in bed! This was my favorite theme so far for sure. I didn't have to do much but light a ton of candles and string some twinkle lights. I made our absolute favorite homemade cinnabon cinnamon rolls (top secret recipe). I usually only make these once or twice a year so it felt very special. Simple eggs, potatoes and bacon to round out the menu and some serving trays all set up for a relaxing night together!
 It was fun but by the time we crawled in bed to eat and enjoy both Chris and I were totally pooped. I had rented Breakfast at Tiffany's to watch together but we ended up skipping it. It turns out eating in bed makes you want to pass out - and maybe heavy antibiotics and steroids mix with our favorite creamsicle cocktails - ha!  (don't worry I only drank about two sips, I am not totally crazy)
And just in case you guys were tempted to think that while I was preparing for our romantic little date my children were quietly reading in the other room I thought I would share a few out takes:
Bath time, laundry, crazy wild kids and all. After we put the kids to bed last night we could hear the boys talking in their room.

"your ruining our date night Levi"

"no I am NOT"

"come here we are reading"

This morning Simon came in and immediately went under the bed and plugged in the twinkle lights and announced that we were having another date in bed for breakfast. I had to indulge him. He also told me all about his date with Levi. It was a reading date in bed with books and yummy food. So cute It's fun to see how our intentional dates at home effect the kids!
I pray that when they are older they might see the importance of dating their spouses and I want to be a good example of a wife to my man so that they will be able to spot a good spouse for themselves one day!

It was a another sweet date night at home the sickies and all!! xo

check out how Andi spent her breakfast for dinner date night with her man it will be up later today!

*ruffle duvet urban outfitters*

PS. You guys my Mexican fiesta dinner at eight party bunting from a few weeks ago was chosen as a finalist in the great party DIY challenge with Bliss and Urban Scarlet!! Check it out HERE and consider leaving a comment in support - wink*!!! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend I am excited about next week I have a lot of fun stuff planned around here!!


  1. Is there a whipped cream vodka or is it whipped cream + vodka? I seriously adore this idea!

  2. it's whipped cream vodka by pinnacle http://www.pinnaclevodka.com/agecheck.php it's yum!!

  3. Awesome! I'm totally inspired to do this with my hubby. :)

  4. Gorgeous and delicious!

    Congrats on the DIY challenge too...you deserve to take home the prize for all your creative and hard work!

  5. Thank YOU Jenny for telling me about it in the first place :) AND letting me borrow your camera AND watching my boys this week so I could rest and shower and be able to plan a date xoxo

  6. Gorgeous is definitely the word! This is my kind of date night!! (I wish you could've seen the look on my face when chris delivered those cinnabons to our door this afternoon!--thank you from all four of us cinnamon roll lovers!) I am cheering you on as you continue to share your gifts in this online space. I love the ways you are being inspired and how you are seeking to inspire others--what a joy and a blessing. It is an honor to bear witness to your journey as God continues to bless your efforts to grow this space and your involvement in the craft and design community! I love you (and have been adding my vote to you current contests!!) xoxo

  7. What a perfect idea! Especially while being sick and on the mend:) I really always love what you share, such precious memories for you family!!

  8. I love this dinner in bed theme! You have such a gift for turning a negative (i.e., sickness) into a positive! :)

  9. We are working on having date night at home as well. We decided that at least once a month we will go out on a real date (oh how my younger self would be shocked to know that we can only make it out once a month), and that we will do an at home date every week or a minimum every other week.

    I will check out your past dates for some inspiration.

    *on a side note, I love your bedroom- so nice.



  10. I love the heart bokeh. I am going to give your tutorial for it a try.


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