{my march favorites}

 {one} - Lewy, {two} - Consider The Lilies, {three} - Jack and the Kumquat, {four} - Today is Mine, {five} - Unique Simplicity, {six} - It Only Gets Better, {seven} - In the Details, {eight} - Hearts and Scars, {nine} - Annalea Hart, {ten} - Stacy Bostrom photography

Wow what an incredible month you guys! I am so overwhelmed with the turnout - we have already had over one hundred friends join in for March!! There is still time to link up, the linky will be open for the next week so by all means keep adding your sets below. And make sure you get out there and check out everyones day, say hi - that's what this fun community is all about right - making new friends!!!

It was hard to narrow my picks down to ten but the photos above really stood out for me. Click on the set to enlarge and see the full collage. Some truly beautiful moments woven through your days!

THANK YOU to everyone who participated I am again already looking forward to what Aprils installment will hold. And a special thank you to Ashley from Under the Sycamore who joined us yesterday and mentioned the project on her wildly popular blog. I know many of you have found your way here via Ashley, she is such a talented woman make sure to check out her blog if you haven't already it is a favorite of mine!!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! I am still getting around to see some of the late arrivals to the linky but I promise I will look at them all!!!

Happy Photographing,
xo Rebekah


  1. I always try to comment on everyone's ten on ten, but its getting hard!!! ;)

  2. Beautiful pics - so peaceful and springy! Have a good weekend :)

  3. I'm so honored that you chose my sky picture as one of your favorites :D thank you! 10 on 10 is SO much fun, I'm so glad you thought of it!

  4. thank you so much for picking my photo! with so many amazing photos this month, it was truly an honor. it made my day, maybe even week!

  5. Loving your blog. Would be really interesting to know what sort of camera + settings everyone used!! I am new to photography!


  6. I'm a little bit jealous (cause I was not one of the favs) ... but SUPER HAPPY to participate to the project!!!!

    Next 10th, I'll be here, again!!!

    Congratulations, once more, for this brilliant idea!

    (from Brazil)


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