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sorry about the interruption here yesterday, I seemed to have come down with either a terrible case of food poisioning or something along the lines of the virus that struck our house back in 2009. not.so.fun..but after spending 36 hours in bed and consuming only two glasses of water and a banana to try to make some food for the little one - really not fun to be a nursing mama and sick - I think I am coming out of the worst of it. Hope to be back to posting really soon but until then a few links that you might enjoy:

this JAW dropping breakfast birthday party over on Cakies this morning. I mean red velvet pancakes and all. might have to steal a few ideas from this some time soon!

these cute little raspberry mint sugar hearts for valentines day via prudent baby.

this awesome tutorial on bias tape over on MADE blog - I have been meaning to make some of this for so long and she really breaks it all down for us!

and who could resist this peanutella recipe on smittenkitchen - I mean woah.

allrighty I shall return, don't have too much fun without me. oh and happy groundhogs day!



  1. sorry you're sick...it's bad enough with one kiddo to take care of, I can't imagine 3!

    i had a bout with something earlier this week but thankfully it came and went during Wes' three hour nap.

  2. Oh no! Stomach viruses (or food poisoning) are the worst. Get well soon!

  3. So so glad that you are feeling better, friend! And I totally fell in love with the birthday breakfast party this week too! Such a sweet idea + it seems so doable as well!


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