valentine's day cookies

a few mornings ago I was checking email in the kitchen and Simon came in and asked "hey Mom are those your baking clothes?" I was kind of distracted so I looked at him and said "what was that?"

"are those your baking clothes? are you planning to bake something in those clothes?"

"uh, these are just my sweats dude."

I guess our little sugar fast had started to get to him, he has grown quite accustom to Mommy getting her sugar fix through baking. Today I spotted a bag of sugar cookie mix from holidays past and decided to let the boys make some valentines cookies - a good distraction while the rain came down this afternoon..

I decided to ignore the insane mess in the rest of our house in lieu of taking pretty pictures...I am starting to believe that after three kids my house will never be clean again..ever. but we had cookies and got our sugar fix!

speaking of cleaning, during bath time I overheard Simon say to Levi:

"today during clean up at school I sang: clean up, clean up every body's underwear" {uproarious giggling}...I love them.


  1. love these photos and the story behind them (that conversation you had with simon in the kitchen totally cracked me up!). xoxo

  2. Yummy! Love those boys and their funny comments...I find myself thinking of things they've said and chuckling. Such tender hearts and marvelous wit. Can't wait to hear Josie's contributions in the future.:)

  3. love all of this post!! and absolutely love the "uproarious giggling" :)


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