outtakes from ♥ day

sweet treats
addressing valentines for the boys classes - we went with these this year!
setting up for dinner at eight - details to come Thursday!
making dessert
roses from my valentine
our valentines day turned out to be quite wonderful after the threat of being ruined by the night before - Mr.Gough and I slept a luxurious 11:30pm-2:30am before being awakened pretty much for the day by several of our children..I might or might not have uttered a few naughty words. Lack of sleep and me don't mix well luckily my man is always a sweet help in the middle of the night (even when he has to change because of our little puke monster). Our date night in ended up fantastically and this morning I was treated to a day after breakfast in bed by my sweetie to boot. I feel very blessed and very lucky in the midst of a very exhausting season of life!

on another fun note I am sure most of you noticed that Anthros new wedding line, BHLDN launched yesterday! So fun to get a few emails from my newly engaged Sister gushing about her favorites. Oh how I wish this line would have been around eight years ago..almost makes me want to renew our vows just to have an excuse to buy something! Here are my favorites:

one, two
all right back to the work, just wanted to pop in and say hello and happy Tuesday!! 

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  1. Those are incredibly beautiful photographs. *sigh* me too, I'd renew my vows in a heartbeat!


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