{my february favorites}

I had such fun yesterday, thank you to everyone who made the virtual trek over here to participate in ten on ten this month! I looked at everyone's set so far (still time to link up below) and was blown away by how creative and talented you all are! Here is a collage of my top picks from the day, I ended up adding five extra because there is so many amazing photos to choose from!

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, 
 eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen

It is always a joy and honor to look for beauty in the ordinary day with all of you! Hope you all have a lovely and blessed weekend!

happy photographing,

ps. I will be back soon with a brand new feature to unveil, I am super excited!!!!


  1. You definitely picked some great ones! I followed lots of links this time and saw tons of good photos, but several of my favorites made your list too!

  2. beautiful photos from all! fun to see your favorites, rebekah, and the collage format is wonderful.

    i haven't had a chance to get around and leave comments on all the great sets, but i have peeked at a handful, and all the participants are consistently upping their game and inspiring me with the beauty they capture.

    i'm cheering you on as you move ten on ten back into your own space, and thank you for being such a inspiring hostess! your photos this month were so fun and lovely. my favorites (if i had done a "favorite collage") would have included your vw van shot, and josies' huge smile (wow). xoxo thank you for being such a faithful encourager!

  3. I love your favorites too.
    This was so much fun. Thanks!!!

  4. i missed that heart shaped rock one, very fitting and beautiful! thanks for sharing some of your favorites...the list of participants is so long i don't know that i'll make it through them all so it's nice to have a small recap here!

  5. Ohh thank you for featuring my photo!! I treasure those heart rocks, and I am glad you enjoyed them too!! This is a great collection of shots!

  6. What a great bunch. Perfectly captures that feeling of early spring that is creeping through the winter haze. This ten on ten business is FUN!

  7. Hi Rebekah,

    I followed you here from Busy Bee Suz. She is the bestest. I really love what you're doing and would love to join in. Been away from blogging for a little while, but so happy to be joining the fray again.

    Photography is the sweetest addiction. You have a very good eye.



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