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This past week has seemed particularly exhausting for me. The sickies have been lingering around our home and Josie has proven to be a lot harder baby than I had hoped for, something I have been reluctant to admit. But she's hard. I know she will grown out of it but happy baby is not her middle name.

My patience is so thin most of the time. I found myself more than once being particularly harsh with my middle child this week - so much pressure on this little guy. He is only three even though most folks think he is five. A mom friend the other day even had to clarify that he wasn't older than Simon because he is big and so very verbal and capable. But I forget, he is only three.

Three is hard. Being the middle child is hard. I can sense sometimes his frustration with Josie and not getting the attention he deserves from me but he does an amazing job of holding it together and not letting on. He is a shy and tender little boy and quiet to voice his opinion sometimes.

Yesterday morning I made a little suggestion that the two of us run over and get a special donut together in our pj's. He was lightening fast to get on his shoes and coat and jump in the car. He picked out a special donut for Dad and Simon too and we had some time to be alone together.

Oh how I long to find the energy and time to connect with each of my kids perfectly. To give them my undivided attention once in awhile instead of always saying "no not now" or "you need to go play I am busy"..

It was a little treat for both of us something I am hoping to do more often with my kids individually.

How do you go about making your kids feel special? I would gladly take any suggestions! I want to make the time and effort for them while they are still interested I know down the road a donut with Mom could be torture..oh to keep them small forever.


  1. your children truly adore and love you, rebekah. you are a wonderful mother, even in your less-than-perfect moments. i think it is the devil hounding us moms with the idea that we must do - do - do and be over the top perfect in all areas (holidays, traditions, daily rhythms, education, appearances, knowing our children, being perfect nurturers, homemakers, hostesses, etc., etc., etc.) i continually have to be reminded that jesus does not pile on the guilt; satan does that. jesus may lead us to new ways of being with our families, but his nudgings bring hope, joy, peace, and light to our hearts (and homes). always.

    can i say it again? you are doing a wonderful job. you do not have to be perfect. you just have to be as you are--a mom of three 4 and under--resting in the gift of this special season (even if it feels like "the trenches" at times). :)

    i totally hear your heart in this post! all these things i wrote to you are things i write to myself as well. i am cheering you on in all the ways you delight in your family and the ways you are creatively (and simply) blessing them day in and day out! xoxo

  2. Oh Rebekah! I am right there with you.....Ellie too, is very mature for a 3 1/2 year old and for a while I kept having to remind myself of her age in numbers, and what should really be expected of her. I constantly find myself putting her off, but somehow or another we make up for it (cuddling in bed at naptime and bedtime is one of them :)). She was also a very "high need" baby....I saw a baby the other day sitting on the floor playing with her toys....for an HOUR!!! Neither of my kids have ever been so content. It was helpful reading things by the Sears on attachment parenting....their daughter, my college roomate- Hayden, was their Fussy Baby and they wrote an entire chapter on her ;) You really are one amazing woman, and your children love and adore you....what's not to love?! Blessings on you and your beautiful family.

  3. Levi really did light up at those suggestions. And I lit up later when he brought me an apple fritter!
    You are doing a great job Rebekah, noticing where you and Levi were at and jumping in to make it better says a ton!
    It is crazy around here...thanks for helping keep the sanity!

  4. I have a three year old and am expecting number two this spring, so the subject of how to make sure my "big boy" has special time with Mommy has been much on my mind lately. Thanks for a great, thought provoking post!


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