today I:

image via elgarboart
♥ slept in, thank you Mr. Gough for making that possible

♥ met a sweet friend for coffee and chatted about many wonderful topics of inspiration - hi Alisha!

♥ came home and found my boys playing memory with Dad while he folded laundry. He had fed Josie and put her down for a nap which lasted for almost three hours!

♥ Chris took the boys to Costco and other errands while I ate almond butter toast and surfed the web.

♥ drank my V8

♥ filled the candy jars on my piano with dove dark chocolate hearts and dark chocolate almond nugget

♥ candy was delivered this morning with groceries via AmazonFresh and an A-MAZING deal that Jenny alerted me to yesterday. Serious savings to be had if you live in the greater Seattle area and order by Sunday Saturday (thanks Jenny!) enter the code: GREENLAKEMOM11 and save %50 up to $100 on orders over $150..serious if you order $200 in groceries you save $100 big ones!

♥ planned out our menu for next week

♥ left the chores for another day

♥ am going to pop some popcorn in our new fancy popcorn machine (thanks Mom) and watch Curious George goes to the doctor with my little family later on this evening. Simon added a bunch of movies to our Netflix queue because he is crazy and knows how to access that stuff...ever so often I let one come through the mail and the boys FREAK out when their movie appears it is so fun and hilarious.

♥ today has almost felt like a mini vacation, a gift to this tired Mama's heart!

so what about you, what did you do today?


  1. looks like a banner day!

    just an FYI about the amazon fresh ends SATURDAY (I had the date wrong) and they reserve the right to remove the deal whenever they act fast! I think maybe they put a limit on the # of redemptions, but I have no idea what it is.

    and lastly...what was i thinking NOT ordering valentine's goodies with my 50% off?

  2. seriously amazing deal - and yes what were you thinking I order three bags of chocolate :) he he. oh and did you know that you can order carafe replacements for your french press if that is all that breaks. I have broken so many that last time I just got a $10 carafe instead of a whole new machine...maybe you knew but just thought I would mention it!

  3. oops Jenny should have responded to you via facebook about the french press..:)

  4. What a lovely day, and I'm so glad I could be a part of it. :) After we met I went to sleep again! Yikes. Thanks for being a bright spot of inspiration in an otherwise groggy day - I'm excited to implement some of the ideas we talked about! Have a great weekend.


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