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Today was suppose to be a studio day for me. I had it all planned out - the boys with grandma and grandpa, lots of fresh ideas rolling around in my mind. But Chris and I started going through 'the stack' - do you have one of those too? You know the one that eats papers, sort of like when the dryer eats your socks only this pile can eat like important documents and bills. Yeah that stack. We started at 10am and ended up bringing up several baskets of papers and receipts that were in our basement. Bills dating back to 1998. We even decided to go for it and got out the filing cabinet and starting sorting that thing. 

It was pretty insane and it's not done. We are both pretty committed to simplifying this year so I am so glad we started tackling it, it has to be done. Chris spent literally hours shredding papers. You don't believe me - 

yeah it was wild.

Chris's folks bought us the freedom filer system for Christmas and it's our new task to implement it. We haven't officially started using it yet but it looks amazing just based on what I read and what they told us about it. We are so bad at this areas of our life. We definitely prefer the creative side over here so taking care of and getting a handle on the paperwork is hard work but feels good to dig in and work on

and there is always tomorrow, I hope to be able to find a few sweet moments to myself to let the creative juices run free after heavy focus on organization. We are also finishing up the first two weeks of our little sugar/carb detox and on Monday can have a tiny bit of dark chocolate. I will confess I love chocolate and am excited...I actually have taken to using my kids toothpaste the past week because it is so much sweeter and satisfies my sugar cravings. Totally weird and nasty or resourceful? I'll let you be the judge. Just keepin  it real folks..

we are looking forward to a nice long weekend - I hope whatever you do it's amazing and inspired!


  1. oh my word, Rebekah- that's a huge amount of shredding! :) I'm sorry you didn't get time to be creative- although I bet it feels good to have that stuff organized. I'll come over & organize your stuff for you - I LOVE that sort of thing :) However, I'm not at all creative like you are! Trade you skill sets :)

  2. Can the toothpaste thing be nasty AND resourceful? That's my vote. Sometimes you just do what you gotta do.

  3. Uh, kids flavored toothpaste is just so gross I can't reality go there...I think the bubble gum flavored flouride trays at the dentist really killed it for me.

    I'm proud of you for sticking to your goals.

  4. way to go you guys! (on so many levels : simplifying, organizing, raising 3 little ones, pursuing your creative endeavors, detoxing...) go team gough! (love the photos!) xoxo

  5. Ok, I don't know how you aren't doing sugar. But I am very impressed! If I did that, I'd go for toothpaste too. :) I say resourceful.

  6. Wow! That's definitely a lot of papers. And yes, it's really important to manage our files. It doesn't stop with just throwing away the files we don't actually need. You've got to make sure you've got back-ups (both physical and digital) for the important ones apart from managing your filing, so it doesn't become too hard to track down things.

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