Ruche :: Holiday Look Book

I am crushing on all of the adorable and affordable styles and pieces in this seasons look book from Ruche. I have a couple of their things from seasons past and if I had anywhere to go on New Year's Eve or my pre-pregnancy body was even anywhere close to being back (which it is not, hello goals for 2011) than I would be seriously tempted to purchase something.

I will have to be satisfied with window shopping this year - I can't actually remember the last time we went out for the big countdown. I remember the year I lived in Chicago and went to a huge party at a hotel dressed in a sequins skirt and blouse and four inch heels. Danced the night away in the windy city, to be twenty again! But I think I am most satisfied being tucked in at home with my kiddos and sweet husband to ring in the new year. I am a true home body at heart!

on another note. has anyone else noticed that red head models are cropping up every where this year? being a red head myself I told my husband that I have waited for thirty years to be considered "in" - maybe 2011 is my year!

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