peppermint + chocolate

I absolutely die for anything peppermint and chocolate! Each year I have to force myself to wait until the day after thanksgiving before ordering my all time favorite holiday classic, the peppermint mocha at Starbucks. It just instantly makes me feel christmasy, I could drink them all day everyday for the entire season. Another holiday must for me is the candy cane frango at Macy's. Seriously if you have never tried one you must they are so good and so addicting. I usually buy myself my own box each year and really don't like to share - ha! They are only available at Christmas and I look forward to them with great anticipation.

I confess though that I didn't get around to making my all time favorite peppermint bark this year - I have made it for the past four Christmases and looove it but it is a bit more involved than I was up for today. 

Instead I used what we had in the house. A bag of semi sweet and a bag of white chocolate chips. For the first layer I melted the semi sweet chips and spread them out on parchment paper laid on top of a cookie sheet. I put it in the freezer for about a half hour and then melted the white chocolate chips and stirred in a bit of smooshed candy canes. I spread that layer on top of the first and sprinkled the rest of the candy cane on top and popped the whole thing back in the freezer to cool. Broke it apart and slipped some into glassine bags, wrapped them with bakers twine and added a cute gift tag. I think I am going to hand them out to a few neighbors this week. 

If I had more time and energy I would be giving these amazing peppermint patty and peppermint brownie recipes a try, but I think I will bookmark them for next year. I can't believe that Christmas is this coming Saturday. I honestly don't even really know what to do with myself to prepare. Tomorrow I hope to do some last minute Christmas shopping and fun with my bestie and the kiddos...we shall see how much we actually get accomplished. I do however know that the peppermint mocha will be on the menu, tis the season!

{cute gift tag download from black apple a few years ago, they continue to be a favorite!}

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