a year in review :: my favorite posts from 2011

January marks the one year anniversary for me here on A Bit of Sunshine and I can really hardly believe it, it has been an incredible year! 

I have had so much fun over the past twelve months sharing life with you guys and I thought it would be fun before we get too far into 2012 to spend a bit highlighting a few of my favorite posts from 2011...it was hard to narrow it down but here are my picks:

In January I shared a little before and after of a piano I inherited almost thirty years ago - it's never to late for a good diy! :)

In February Andi and I started the Dinner at Eight project - something that I plan to make a regular thing again in the coming year I am really excited about it!!

In March you guys were gracious enough to let me share my heart with you as our family fell on some hard times, I am so blessed by all of you!

In April we made a bokeh filter that I still use all the time!

In May I shared our nursery tour on Odeedoh it was pretty much a dream come true!

At the end of June we whipped up this easy paint chip banner to get into a patriotic mood for the Fourth of July!

And then in July my daughter Josie discovered just how delicious pickles can be!

In August we made the ombré infinity scarf and t-shirt flower, hands down one of the most popular posts here on the blog this year!

In September I threw a surprise party and you guys helped me celebrate my birthday all day long - so many fun guest posts recapped HERE!

In October my family made new wishes and said goodbye to our beloved home one last time.

In November my sister in law, Kristen and I spent the month capturing our blessings. A ritual we hope to continue again next year as well!

And in December we finally shared about our surprise package coming in May - one of the top events to take place for us in 2012 I am sure!

It really has been such a full and amazing year for me - not all of it has been easy or pretty but I think it is always good to highlight the sunshine whenever you can!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming back each day and taking part here I am super excited to see what this new year holds!


  1. This is one of the neatest year round ups I have read so far. I loved it. And a huge congrats on the new gift coming this spring!

  2. Your blog is always one of my favorites to read. You always inspire me to use my creativity and to put my heart out there. Congratulations on your year anniversary and many warm wishes for your upcoming arrival!

  3. I love this post. Seeing all that God has done and brought you through is encouraging! Looking forward to Dinner At 8! Also can't wait to say howdy doo to the new little one. :-) Happy Sunday.

  4. I really adore this blog!
    The piano is gorgeous...love repurposing things :)

    Also, the dinner at 8 idea is so important and one I want to take on with my husband. With the babies it always seems that dinner is a whirlwind, eaten standing up, with little purpose or depth. love love love this.

  5. Oh my. It looks like you've had a heck of a year! I can't wait to see what the next 12 months will bring. I absolutely love that idea for the paint chip banner. Pinning that right now.


  6. it's been such a joy to see your new space take shape this year, Rebekah. so very many lovely, rich, inspiring posts! i so enjoyed this recap! when i think of all you have been through this past year i am deeply moved by your ability to encourage so many others with your gifts and your heart through it all... a wonderful testimony of Christ in you! looking forward to seeing all of the beauty that will make its way onto this blog in this coming year! xoxo

  7. So glad I stopped by! Sounds like it was a wonderful year and sure to be an amazing 2012!

  8. It's been a beautiful year! I'm so glad I found you, Rebekah - looking forward to following you through 2012. : )

  9. It's been wonderful to follow your journey this year Rebekah - your posts always give my heart a little lift, stoke my imagination & give me the opportunity to pray for your fam during tough times. Thanks for sharing your limitless creativity, as well as your joys & struggles.

  10. Oh man, I REALLY REALLY love that piano. I want it.

  11. What a wonderful synopsis of an eventful year. Best wishes for an amazing 2012!


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