november's ten on ten prompt

Last month for the first time on Ten on Ten I offered a prompt. I was especially thinking about those of you who have been at this project with me for the long haul (almost six years!) and wanting to take the challenge of finding beauty in the everyday a little deeper. We did Pumpkin Spice and it was a hit so I thought I would continue on with a new prompt for November for those of you interested and as promised I wanted to share it a few days in advance so you can be prepared!

Chris and I went around and around about what the theme should be - seeing as it's November, the month of Thanksgiving, it seemed that the spirit and theme of gratitude is on our hearts constantly but the theme of the harvest came up for us too. The idea that during the harvest we work relentlessly harvesting and celebrating the things we have been cultivating throughout the year. Now I don't mean to get to deep on you here but I have in mind the idea of capturing the things around you that make your heart so full because of the work and toil and faith you have put in. What bounty are you most grateful for because you have committed to the deep, for the long haul work?

There is NO pressure to take part in this theme I am only offering it as an added level of challenge! But there will be a prize involved (a special package from me) for the winner of my favorite set! And in a similar vein my sister in laws and I are taking part in our annual Capturing Our Blessings project by way of Instagram using the hashtag #capturingourblessings we would love it if you want to join us each day over there!

Looking forward to this Sunday and finding beauty with you through your lens! xoxo

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