Ten on Ten :: March 2013

Another month documented and a daylight savings day too, I think a first! - lots of little things going on here and there around our home today and a chance to get out alone for a bit too and breath in some time to myself. It's always fun to see what the tenth holds it's become such a habit that no matter how ordinary the day is my senses are more aware of the little moments on the tenth and I felt happy today which was a gift.

Sigma sent me a loaner lens to use for today's installment. The 18-250mm F3.5-6.3 DC - I had never used a Sigma before and must say that it proved to be an incredible all purpose zoom lens in a nice compact size! I wasn't expecting the macro feature to be so great but it zooms in super close and sharp and was equally great for quick full frame shots too and I was also impressed with it in the lower pacific northwest light that we are so famous for...(ie. grey and cloudy :)). All in all I thought for the money if you are looking for a solid all around lens this one is a great option!

I am looking forward to taking a peek at all of the incredible sets this month, some new fun friends joining in as well as all of you faithful contributors - such a gift this project is to my heart! I hope you guys have a wonderful week and until next month, happy photographing!

more about Ten on Ten HERE.


  1. I love your Blog <3
    xx Rita


  2. What a "green day"! Beautiful! Mine was more like... "blue day" (because we have pool and ice cream and grandma´s home made lunch (with blue polish nail)!

    Thanks for keeping this project! Love it!!!!!

    Kisses and blessings.
    www.diariodos3mosqueteiros.blogspot.com (from Brazil)

  3. Your colors of the day were so rich and abundant. And now I have to go get that paint. I was going to DIY but... And I adore the McD's bib. So cute!

  4. Rebekah! Love these captures! I've been wanting to paint one of those wood pieces too so I hope you show the end product-- I would love to see what you do with it, where you hang it, or what you decide to write on it.

    ps. I had my camera slung around my neck as I traipsed through Trader Joe's yesterday. Several people asked what I was up to : )

  5. I love your photos, thank you for being an inspiration, I love this 10 on 10 project!

  6. Beautiful pictures.
    Baby hair- so lovely, so multidimensional, the hair color many women try to recapture at the salon!
    Mmmmm, green smoothie :)
    Looks like you had a busy, proactive Sunday.
    Thank you again for hosting such a fun project. I look forward to the 10th each month.

  7. so colourful rebekah. while you are enjoying daylight savings, I am glad we will see the back of them in a few weeks! thanks for hosting - I've set my calendar reminder for next month! x

  8. I really like the idea of the chalkboard! :)
    Nice picture!

  9. I adore your photos and I love this link-up!


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