a sunny saturday + a ten on ten reminder

Happy Saturday my friends - and a huuuuuge thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the love and support on my previous post. I was blown away and moved by the sharing of hearts and your own stories of trials and seasons of quiet. Community is an amazing thing and I am so often overwhelmed by the true community I find here. Seriously you guys are the best!

And look it's the weekend we made it, and it happens to be sunny here in Seattle which is a rare and glorious sight! Although we are still laying a bit low I have several things I am hoping to get my hands dirty with. I printed a ton of fun mini instagram photos recently and hope to find a way to display them. I have a few things I would like to spray paint if the weather continues to cooperate! I have a date with some delicious pretzels c/o the amazing Auntie Anne's from our youth. They sent us the sweetest package to host a pretzel party to celebrate their 25th birthday but since we have all been sick we had to postpone getting our pretzel on. Hoping to find time for that soon but if you are anywhere near an Auntie Anne's location today make sure to stop by for Sampling Saturday to sample one of their new honey whole grain pretzels and take home some fun prizes and goodies while you're at it.

And of course I am getting my camera ready for tomorrows installment of Ten on Ten, aka hidden beauty finding day. It's like our monthly treasure hunt to capture all that glorious blessing in the little things laid out all around for us to find. Don't forget to charge your batteries and also set your clocks ahead for daylight savings (boo) it's going to be a party!

Hope this day finds you pockets of joy and triumph you all are certainly huge blessings to me!


  1. Love your beautiful shots and the hope you find in your day. Can't wait to see your 10 on 10! You are such a strong, capable woman. So proud of all of your hard work--so much more than I could handle! Such a great mom to your four sweeties!! Hope you are on the mend this week and that there are even more unexpected breakthroughs of joy and glimpses of the growth God is bringing you into.

  2. :) so excited to see what you do with your mini instagram photographs! and i'm looking forward to your ten on ten set, as usual too. xoxo

  3. What are you spray painting? Or is it a secret for a later post?

  4. Thought your last post was great. Going through some of the same stuff. Except I needed to leave the bloggy for awhile. Your pictures do add a lot of sunshine.

  5. i cannot believe tomorrow is the 10th... of March? wow, how is that possible? thanks for the reminder, looking forward to seeing everyone's 10's tomorrow!


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