Elevate the Everyday and a Ten on Ten reminder

You guys know how much I love the idea of finding beauty in the ordinary. Like many of you after having kids the theme of the mundane life being chock full of blessings became a life line for me. A way to get through my days with a grateful heart even when I was (I am) so weary to the bone.

I started the Ten on Ten project with that concept in mind, looking for those little moments to be thankful for - to elevate into a space of worship for my God who has blessed me with this life crazy beautiful life.

I was recently introduced to Tracey Clark she is a long time lifestyle photographer and the author of the book Elevate the Everyday, a photographic guide to picturing motherhood. I instantly felt a connection with her heart. She writes the most beautiful blog and is the founder of the Shutter Sisters and she subscribes to that same vision of seeking beauty in the mundane.

Honestly when I received her book I was truly overwhelmed by it's beauty. I am asked to review books pretty frequently but it is a rare moment when one sweeps me off my feet like this. I have curled up a few times with it enjoying the photos, the little tips and camera tricks and ideas on how to capture motherhood. the stories and blog type entries scattered throughout. It is a really wonderful book, I mean that from the bottom of my heart!

I love this community I have found online of friends who subscribe to this same vision - I am continually inspired and challenged by it and blessed to know that so many of you are spending your days in the trenches of motherhood looking for the sweet gifts all around. I definitely recommend checking out Tracey's book and blog - such a wonderful resource and encouragement!

And don't forget to charge your camera batteries this weekend for Monday's installment of the Ten on Ten project. Lots of beautiful mundane to capture I am so hopeful you will join me in finding it!

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. oooh! thanks for sharing! will put this on my list.

  2. This book looks so inspiring and lovely. Would you mind bringing it with you to brunch tomorrow? I'd love to take a closer look at those beautiful pages! xo

  3. So pretty...I love the book reviews!


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