Ten on Ten :: November 2012 {capturing our blessings :: 9}

 {left to right :: Rachel :: Jenny :: Rebekah :: Kristen}

Happy tenth everybody, I hope that your weekend is off to a wonderful start! I am really looking forward to today and all the goodness and life that awaits and excited to see how your day takes shape too. When you are ready add your set to the linky below. If you have never played along all you do is take a photo an hour for ten hours and capture the beautiful gifts woven throughout your day! I will be back later to share my set as well as the tenth installment of capturing or blessings with my sisters! 

ten on ten button


  1. I love all you blessing pictures. Some are so sweet and others are great ideas but they are all great x

  2. This set really caught my eye with the repetition: hands holding babies, and the cross pattern made with the gratitude cards and the window. So lovely and so fun to see our blessings together each day. I can't tell you how much I've been loving doing this project with you, girls!! Happy weekend and ten on ten today! Love you, Kristen

  3. here is my Flicker account link http://flic.kr/s/aHsjCMEKH4

  4. Lovely to join in again for ten on ten!


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