Ten on Ten :: April 2012

Happy tenth everyone I hope you all have a wonderful day today capturing all that beauty and life around you! When your ready add your set to the linky below and if your new to the Ten on Ten project all you have to do is take a photo an hour for ten consecutive hours and then link up here for all of us to see. I am looking forward to checking out all your sets later this evening!

ten on ten button


  1. Love this photo, those glasses are gorgeous!
    Hope you enjoy capturing the beauty in your day:)

  2. What a nice little girl. Love that little nose! Greetings from a Danish blogger - Christina

  3. Joining in for the first time!

    Now off to check out more photos...

  4. So bummed! I had my camera ready this morning and everything but my day was hectic and my baby girl was teething all day. I will have to join in next month. I have a link to your 10 on 10 on my blog page :)

  5. That picture is so sweet! I love it.



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