Ten on Ten :: October 2011

Good morning everyone and welcome to this months installment of the Ten on Ten project! When your ready add your set to the linky below - and if you've never played along all you have to do is take a photo an hour for ten hours and capture a beautiful day in your life. Find out more about the project HERE.

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  1. Oh gosh! I forgot! Better get a move on! Now I wont' be done until 10:00!

  2. Thanks for this idea, Rebekah! Can't wait to visit everyone's Ten on Ten!

  3. Thanks Rebekah, I enjoyed this months 10 on 10..I love this idea:) Have a great 10th.

  4. I had a fun first 10 on 10 experience today :) Thank you Rebekah!

  5. Hi Rebekah,
    My first ten on ten and it was lots of fun gathering up my pictures. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  6. Hi Rebekah!
    This was my first week linking up with you.
    I've been enjoying a few blog friends 10 on 10 posts for a while now and decided to join the fun.
    Such a great idea! Nice to meet you, I am your new follower. :)

  7. guess what i would not have done without ten on ten today? take any pictures at all. thankful for the encouragement to capture ordinary life. xoxo

  8. Sorry I linked up twice, I was having issues and my connection dropped, yadda yadda....i got two links up. ;) I had your blog open on my computer all day so I would be reminded to take the pics (I'm not very good at remembering). It worked!



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