Surprise Party :: Bow Belt from Theresa at Orange Juice Etc.

Hello, I am Theresa from Orange Juice Etc. and I am honored to be here for Rebekah’s Birthday!

I wanted to share a project I did recently for a leather and bow belt. The project requires few supplies, a sewing machine, and simple sewing skills. I must tell you that I do not consider myself to be an experienced seamstress by any means so if you have a more efficient way of doing any of these steps, please do so! Now lets get started.

What you need:
•       A strip of thin, pliable leather, suede or other that will be easy to sew through
•       Fabric of your choice
•       Thread
•       Good scissors

First cut your leather to the width and length you want your belt to be. I used a vintage tie belt that I hadn’t worn much and just cut the ends off to the length I wanted. The leather should not wrap all the way around your waist, you should leave 4 or 5 inches of room to attach and tie the bow. The great thing about leather is that it will not fray so the edges do not need to be finished.

Now you will make two fabric “ribbons” that you will attach to each end of your leather strip that will create the bow of the belt. Decide first how long you want your ribbons to be. I measured mine against a sash from another dress. Each side measures 26 inches.

Lay your fabric out so that you can cut the length of your ribbon. Measure the width of your leather and fold the edge of the fabric over to the width of the leather plus your seam allowance (I used 3/8ths) and cut to the correct length. Cut another in the same fashion. You will end up with two pieces of fabric the same length that are a little over 2 times the width of your leather.

Iron your two pieces of fabric in half length-wise so that the right side of the fabric is facing in.

I wanted a slanted edge on the ends of the ribbons, this is not necessary but I thought it would add a nice touch. Take one end of each piece of fabric and fold a corner up to touch the other edge of fabric like you are making a square out of a piece of paper. Press the fold of the fabric with your finger to make a crease along which to cut. And cut.

Start sewing on the folded side of the ribbon at the bottom end with the slant (keep in mind that the right side of your fabric is still facing in). Sew up the slant, turn, and continue to sew up the complete length of the fabric. Stop when you get to the small end leaving this open.

Turn the tubes right side out, gently pointing out the tip of the slant, I used a dull pencil. Now iron the fabric so you end up with a long, smooth ribbon.

Before you attach the ribbons to the leather, take raw ends and turn them inside about a quarter to half an inch and sew along the edge. I did this so there would not be raw edges exposed that will fray with use of the belt.

The last step! Its time to attach the ribbon to the leather. Pin the fabric about an inch in to the ends of the leather and sew as closely as you can to the edge of the leather securing the fabric. I went a step further and sewed two more lines of stitching, each the same distance apart, making three lines of stitching connecting the fabric to the leather.

And your belt is complete! String it through the loops of your jeans, or tie it around a dress, be creative and enjoy!

Oh my gosh I am so in love with this adorable belt tutorial Theresa it is SO perfect. Thanks so much for being here today to help me celebrate sweet friend it is such a treat!!

Make sure to check out Theresa's blog and etsy shop too everyone both are equal as gorgeous as this amazing project!


  1. Oh I LOVE this!!! Seriously, this is probably my favorite DIY yet :)

  2. Theresa! So cute!!! Love it.
    And love this lovely little blog here—lots of great stuff!!

  3. Oooh... Very cute! I love it, too!!! ♥


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