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{Dinner at Eight is a special project I am doing with my friend Andi this year - planning date nights at home for our husbands every other week, putting the kids to bed early and being intentional about our marriages! Read more dinner at eight posts HERE!}
Andi and I chose the theme love songs for this weeks date post. I love how picking a theme gets our juices flowing and I always love reading how Andi interprets the themes for her dates. This time Andi has written a gorgeous collection of vignettes about special meaningful songs that have played a role in her relationship with her husband. I love how music has that power to evoke the feelings and emotions of certain memories it can bring you back to a point in time almost instantly. If you get a chance do read her sweet reflections HERE it is so beautiful and inspiring!

Chris and I too have many songs that mean so much to us. My husband is a music buff he could sit and listen to records all day long and if he is given any "fun money" well you can bet it's going to purchase some sort of music. A record for his collection, a download, a concert ticket. Most recently we celebrated our Anniversary by going to see Paul Simon at the Showbox here in Seattle. Paul Simon is one of his biggest musical influences (he even wrote about it on his blog HERE). We were floored when we heard about an extra show added to Paul Simons latest tour and were able to get tickets. It was a magical night to see this amazing legend on stage!
But for this week I simply asked my sweetie to make me a mixed tape with no real rules just a mix of songs he thought I would like or that would mean something to me. He jumped on it - seriously one of his favorite things to do is make a mix. Then we simply poured a yummy drink and put on the collection of songs and listened together. Some of the songs were new to me many of them were meaningful to me. I loved this sweet + simple date. A couple of songs came on one in particular that we played while our bridal party entered the church on our wedding day (all the heavens, third day) and it brought tears to my eyes. We laughed and remembered sweet memories. Another song reminded me of his old Oldsmobile and the lookout point (wink). I asked him if he remembered that and he cracked up and said "of course I do".  It was lovely and wonderful and such a simple and easy way to spend an evening together.

And that is truly the purpose behind this intentional time. Remembering our relationship and why we fell in love in the first place. Writing these memories down can be so powerful as Andi did because it causes you to look back and be so thankful for the gift that is marriage. It is not always about hosting the perfect over the top date - although I think those dates are so fun and special too - but the point is to focus on each other once in awhile.

So what about you, what song has meaning to you? Here is the playlist Mr. Gough made for me - may it encourage you in dating your sweetie pie. Maybe consider making a playlist, pour a glass of wine and sit and listen and see what sweet memories come back. Dance to your wedding song again - or joke about the early years of your relationship!


  1. I wish we all lived closer because I think we would all get along famously!

    For our last anniversary I wrote a post for each year that we have been married - what happened and what we learned and I asked Brian to do a post on his blog (music buff also) and pick a song that he felt represented that year best! I loved getting that little extra insight into how his brain works.

    AND we are going to see Paul Simon next week!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!! He has been one of my favorite artists for so long and I could hardly contain myself when I found out he was coming to Atlanta! We usually go to a few concerts each year but I told my husband, "If I had to pick just ONE show to see all year it would be Paul Simon!" so we're going! His new album is incredible...as always! "I believe these are the days of miracle and wonder..."

  2. http://sixgreggs.blogspot.com/search/label/our%20story

  3. What a wonderful thing for you to do as a couple. It never really changes from high school mixes does it? You find songs that you think your sweetheart will like and you put them on a cd in the hopes that they will absolutely love it and play it until the cd starts scratching.

    I also have a husband who loves making mixes even more than I. We even played our own mix for our wedding play list!

  4. Oh, Rebekah! I love this! I think this was definitely one of my very favorite weeks yet. And your playlist includes so many of our favorites...Bon Iver,Band of Horses, Nickel Creek, The Weepies, Third Day, and that beautiful Chris Rice song...

    Can't wait to plan our next date!

  5. i loved both yours and Andi's posts...but i totally made me realize that music hasn't played that big of a role in mine and jeff's relationship (at least from my perspective, i wonder if he'd say the same) I don't even know where I'd start with a playlist. Maybe this is a good challenge for Jeff and I...maybe I'm not remembering correctly ;)

  6. Oh my goodness. Love it:) Love the simplicity and meaningfullness. This kind of night is right up our ally and about the only thing we have time for lately;) As alway, thank you for sharing!


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