make something monday :: cactus garden

 Terrariums have definitely been popular for the past few years, I have seen so many amazing ones around the blogesphere especially as of late. But it wasn't until I popped into our local Anthropologie and spotted some sweet + simple ones recently that I thought I needed to make a few for our home.

Anthro is selling simple succulents in a glass jar with some dirt and rocks for FORTY big ones. They were truly adorable but for that price just something to admire in the store. After I left Anthropologie I walked over to Ravenna Gardens just a few stores down here in Seattle's University Village and found these tiny little cactus for $2-$4 bucks each. Perfect solution, I spent all of $15 and today my boys and I made a little cactus garden together.

The rocks and dirt were something I had on hand here at home and the candy jars on our piano were needing a little something. The sweet woman and Ravenna Gardens told me to plant these tiny succulents in a well drained pot with a hole in the bottom and water them about once a week tops. She said if I was to put them in  a jar because of condensation not to water them at all. We did give them a good spritz with a water bottle and left them in the sun after we planted them today but I will most likely take her advice and not really water them any more than that.

We had fun this afternoon enjoying the beautiful sun that finally decided to make an appearance here in Seattle. The one thing about us Seattlites - when the sun peaks out we really take advantage. It was a beautiful day and way to spend time with my little ones!

Happy Monday Everyone!


  1. love this, they look so cute! i have wanted to do something similar but wasn't exactly sure this idea!

  2. I have sooo wanted to make these...hey are so that crazy? hahaha
    I love them!!!


  3. We have these all over our house and I love them. My only advice is to make sure they keep getting sun. I put a couple in a shady spot and they got very sad very fast. LOVE the blog redesign by the way :)

  4. Lovely idea. They look beautiful.

  5. this is such a cute idea! i love it.

    i am also loving your blog.
    so glad to have found it!
    new follower.


  6. cute! way to take advantage of the sunshine and invite simon and levi to do this project with you! i bet they had so much fun! (you too!) xo


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