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{Dinner at Eight is a special project I am doing with my friend Andi this year - planning date nights at home for our husbands every other week, putting the kids to bed early and being intentional about our marriages! Read more dinner at eight posts HERE!}
This past Monday Chris and I celebrated our eighth anniversary!  Such perfect timing with the dinner at eight date night I had planned. Andi and I thought Mexican food sounded fun so I decided to make our date a little Anniversary Fiesta!!!
And who doesn't love Mexican food? Mr. Gough adores pico de gallo and chips so I whipped up a big bowl of the Pioneer Woman's version and reserved a little bit for some fresh guacamole too as an appetizer! My easy chicken enchiladas and beans for the main course with lots of cilantro and sour cream - yum!!
My very favorite part about these date nights at home is styling a sweet table with things that I already have on hand. This time I used a favorite anthropologie table cloth, vintage lotus bowls, jars filled with tea lights, a handmade paper bunting and a vintage pyrex filled with some tiny cactus and rocks for the centerpiece. The whole thing came together so fast and made our fiesta quite special and festive!
I can hardly believe it has already been eight amazing years! Over dinner we reminisced about our top eight most memorable moments from our marriage. Things like - our honeymoon, our first fixer upper, the day my water broke five weeks early with our first born (Chris seriously thought it was pee, long story), his band playing at the Showbox, our trip to NYC for my jewelry show - our children of course being the biggest highlight! It was a treat to spend time reflecting on all of our many blessings. Believe me I am so blessed by my husband!
And after dinner I made Mexican hot chocolate and we watched the Three Amigos - ha! We also enjoyed the pretty sunset off of our back deck and some more heart bokeh photography (I am obsessed).
On our actual anniversary this past week our baby girl was in a pretty traumatic accident here at home falling down our stairs in her high chair. It was a total freak thing and when it happened I came pretty unglued. Chris was a rock - calm and cool as a cucumber. Josie IS TOTALLY FINE but had to have a ct scan done and has a small skull fracture. Honestly I don't know what I would do without such an incredible husband. It was one of those experiences where you walk away thanking and praising God for protecting our sweet baby and for blessing me with a partner who meets me where my weaknesses are and picks up the slack.We definitely had time to reflect on that experience over dinner too and marveled at how close God is to us in all of our experience - showing us His love and grace!
It was a really special date night in with my love - Happy Anniversary Babe your a gift to my heart! xo

You can check out Andi's Mexican fiesta HERE! (heard from Andi her post will be up later this evening will update when it's ready!) it's up!


  1. That bunting is so festive - adorable! So sorry to hear about Josie - hope all is well in that department, hospitals + babies always equals scary!

  2. I love all of the details-- especially the bunting! I have those same lotus bowls and they are my very favorite. Josie's fall sounds super scary... I'm glad she's going to be okay!

  3. wow....what a creative and fun way to present dinner....filled with love and yummy food...awesome job girl!!!


  4. Beautiful as usual! I am so. so. so. sorry that the actual day was such a rough one. I am so glad that Chris was at home with you, so you could be there for each other. Love you!

  5. Happy anniversary!! I'm so glad that Josie is safe and that, in spite of all the things flaring up lately, God's truly given you guys so much to celebrate. :)

  6. i love mexican food, because i am from mexico!!!!
    i love the way you combine mexican and american food!
    by the way i lov your blog!

  7. This is such a great idea. Maybe I'll try to do something special for Tim next month...even if it's just little.

  8. LOVE this post friend! You are so very creative and talented! Congrats on 8 years- we are so blessed to know the both of you!! SO glad Josie is ok, love to all!

  9. I love your decorations! Congrats on eight years! I'm sorry to hear about your daughter but thankful that she is ok. God is good.

  10. Happy Anniversary. We'll be hitting 8 this year too. :-)
    Love all the decorations.


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