make something monday :: fabric button earrings

Button earrings have become super popular in the past few years and I myself have had tons of fun making them. They have such a fun vintage feel that I just love and they are my favorite kind of project, quick easy and instantly gratifying. These are pretty self explanatory and certainly not original but I love the versatility that you have with fabric covered buttons and thought it could be fun to do a mini tutorial- just in time for valentine's day!

I keep a big jar of different sized button blanks on hand at all times. You can find them at almost any craft store in teeny tiny to really big sizes.

You just need:

some button blanks
fabric scraps
earring posts

Basically you are going to follow the directions on the back of the package to make a fabric button. But the first time I made these I made a button and then attempted to rip off the shank portion so that I could successfully glue on the earring post. It seriously killed my hand and since I was making several pairs it just wasn't going to do. So what I suggest is taking some old pliers (maybe raid your husbands tool box if you don't have jewelry pliers) and grab the shank (third picture above). Give it a good squeeze and twist and you should be good to go, it will fall right on out. I like to take all of the shanks off first so that I can move on and play with fabric without going back but whatever you want to do obviously is fine.

Next your just going to follow the instructions on the package by cutting out two small circles and laying the fabric into the button mold thing. Just let the fabric naturally layer itself into the button and then snapped the back portion in with the blue press that is provided in your kit. Now all that is left to do is glue on the earring posts. I always use E600 for my jewelry projects but you could totally use hot glue as well. Another idea if you don't want to buy new earring posts you could totally use small earrings that you don't wear anymore and glue those onto the button just to save a little more money.

Let the glue dry and your done! Experiment with fabrics - I layered satin and lace on one pair and made a collection of valentine's day earrings.

The hounds tooth were my favorite pair today! Make these for all those teachers, grandmothers, girlfriends, girls in your life - it will make them smile I promise! You can also easily switch out thumb tacks or magnets instead of the earring posts for a fun little impromptu present. Really the skies the limit!



  1. Great post - you're inspiring me to make some of these!!!

  2. that little heart fabric is pretty darn cute..I'm also really liking the thumb tack idea.

  3. rebekah--have you ever considered teaching/hosting craft lessons in your home (i know you taught for the bead shop--but why not also on your own?)?? who wouldn't love to sit in your living room, sipping coffee or wine while making something beautiful like this?! you could give someone like me so much insight into the best supplies to have on hand for a variety of projects, where to shop for which supplies, how to style an accessory piece, not to mention HOW TO MAKE IT MYSELF!, etc. :) your make something mondays are inspiring! (this comment could also be applied to jenny and rachel gough for different mediums... you all inspire me sooo much and are such amazing teachers and nurturers of community!) xo You know I LOVE these covered buttons, rebekah! thanks for sharing your secrets!

  4. ooh! I like Kristen's idea of having a class. Sign me up!

  5. These make something mondays are really getting me motivated for crafting! Thanks!

  6. I'd take your class. do it!! :)

  7. What kit did you use? I found button blanks online, but it doesn't say anything about a kit.

  8. Tiffany - the kit includes the plastic portion that you use to press the buttons together I think if you are buying the blanks only you wouldn't get that part...just double check.

  9. Thanks, I am thrilled to try this out!

  10. Very cute idea. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Taking the button shanks off ahead of time is a great idea. Thanks for sharing! These are adorable and they look like they would make fun Christmas gifts.

  12. These are so cute! I'm going to share this link on my Fabric Button Love post today!
    Consider me your newest follower from Cass Can Sew x

  13. hello im new to crafting and came across this. where do u get ur materials from?? im disabled and looking for some low budget crafts do u have any ideas?? please let me no more thanks for posting this info

  14. which size buttons and flat backs did you use?
    i've tried to make mine a little on the big side but i found that the flat backs don't fill up the back of the earring as yours. this leaves it looking not so polished because the glue and such show.
    any advice?

  15. Yes it is indeed popular now a days as it is really stunning and easy to deal with, the fabric it self makes the whole thing stands out, that's why it is important to choose well.

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    1. of course Liam you can add a link that is so sweet - thank you for your kind words they mean so much!


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