Updates and Such

Happy Monday you guys! Chris and I returned home late last week from quite a long trip first to Boston for a work conference for Chris and then onto North Carolina where I was able to undergo the surgery that my heart has been longing for and that you guys made possible so generously through the donations last March. I honestly can't even describe the deep gratitude I feel in my heart for all that God has done in these short few months, it is absolutely overwhelming! 

Physically and emotionally before we left was truly one of the hardest times in my life. Not only was I battling the PTLS but on top of it I got super sick. My dear friend Alisha described it as the seasons changing on my life, the wind blowing hard and my body and mind and spirit fighting to make it through the transition. Our time is Boston was fun but I literally had such intense migraines…you guys I'm totally going to do a good update on surgery and my physical health in a few more weeks. I am still recovering from the surgery and I want to give it some time before I really share about healing BUT can I just say - I am already feeling AMAZING!! Like night and day from before surgery. NO migraines since surgery, my fatigue has started to lift the deep depression and anxiety is decreasing…you guys GOD is healing me and I am just beyond grateful!!

One of the other fun things that happened these past few weeks was a few super generous mentions on some incredible blogs and instagram feeds about Rebekah Gough Jewelry. In particular my new Mama Bear Necklace was highlighted..again I will share much more about the miracles God is doing in my business too soon enough but right now we have been flooded with hundreds of orders and as we've come home from the trip I've barely had time to even think about healing it's just been an incredible provision of work for me (and a few others) to get orders ready and shipped out! We are working around the clock to get it all done and it's like a dream come true, I love making jewelry and to get to share it with others is like the biggest gift ever!

So I promise I'll be back and I am so so grateful for you - thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and love it means more to me that you will ever know! xoxo

ps. I am going to be phasing out my blogger blog and my sweet friend Heather has combined my old blog and this one onto a new platform rebekahgough.com will become my new permanent home soon…this site will still be live but wanted to let you know I won't be updating it anymore..visit me at my new site HERE!


  1. So happy to hear you are doing better! Wishing you all the best.


  2. Such a good update! I am thankful that you are already feeling the benefits of the surgery and God's healing of your body! Thank you for being so bold to share this journey.


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