Dinner at Eight :: Candlelight

I am so sorry for my delay in sharing about our first dinner at eight date night - I know I promised I would over the weekend but with the Superbowl excitement and everything I just didn't get a chance. Speaking of, is anyone else still in physical pain over the Seahawks loss? SUCH a huge bummer :(.

I am excited to share about our date night in though, it was seriously so much fun! This month I decided on candlelight for our theme which made it super easy to throw together because candlelight makes everything more special and romantic and it even makes a dirty house look great :)! I didn't tell Chris about the date which I might do every month because when he walked through the door I could tell that the little scene by the fire made him feel special immediately.

I had already given the kids dinner and instructed them to watch a movie together while Daddy and I ate our first course. Of course they all came in to check on us and ask random questions throughout but seriously it didn't even matter, it still felt like a date. I can't quite explain it but putting in the extra effort is so worth it.

I had forgotten that Simon had basketball that evening so after our first course we took a little break and Chris took the older boys to practice while I cleaned up and put the younger two in bed. Then when they got home the older two went to bed and we had dessert by the fire and got to spend some good quality alone time!

For dinner I just did a ton of yummy appetizers, cheese, meat, olives, nuts and fruit and yummy bread and wine. I also made some really incredible brie with broiled honey that was so good - the whole things was quick and easy and we really had everything on hand thanks to a Christmas gift from one of Chris's co-workers! Josie and Zeb and I had set out a bunch of tea lights in mason jars and strung some cafe lights over the fireplace and some pretty flowers on the coffee table was about it. Super easy and not at all stressful, the best kind of evening!

I am really excited about this monthly tradition and spending time being intentional about my marriage in a really doable and special way. This first date was just the thing to reunite us after a long and exhausting week and doing something thoughtful and special for Chris not only blessed him but it totally blessed me so much!

So did any of you join me this month in hosting a candlelight dinner at home too? If you did I would LOVE to see or even hear about it in the comments. The linky will be up all month - and for February I am thinking of doing a true valentine's date night theme…hope you will join me next month too! xoxo


  1. Beautiful! And thanks for the inspiration! We greatly enjoyed our first "official" dinner at 8. :)

  2. I planned everything but then we both got sick! So I'm attempting this weekend:)

  3. Beautiful!! Oh my gosh, I am so inspired... just lovely Beck! As always. Oooh I so hope to join in once things calm down a bit around here! Xoxo

  4. So inspiring! I hope to join in next month!


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