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I'm so excited to share about a new collaborative project I am taking on with my dear friend Stacy Bostrom. We are setting out to focus on a weekly topic side by side me from the beautiful city of Seattle she on the gorgeous shores of San Diego - from SEA to Sea as we have decided to call it : simple themes of gratitude and grace. 

We will be posting a weekly collection of diptychs (inspired by the infamous 3191 project) and our own thoughts on the weeks theme. I so look forward to sharing in this project and finding inspiration in the coming months. This weeks prompt // Learn.

This week my older boys headed back to School which is always a little bittersweet but honestly I think we've all been a bit excited about the structure of school and the schedules of fall and continuing the learning and growing that they do so very fast.

We had our back to school feast the night before the first day - a low key celebration with some family, yummy salmon Papa caught on his summer exertions and some cake and ice cream too to celebrate nana's birthday. Chris read our verse for the school year, we chose John 13:35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another. It was crazy and wild and the night didn't go perfectly smooth but I love marking the start of the school year in this way and the kids look forward to the tradition so much!

And the thing that we are praying over our home and family for the coming year is that as we teach our kids how to love learning and school that we would also show them what it means to love one another. Through the great successes and struggles of growing up that they would see just how much they are truly loved and feel safe and secure to spread their wings and try with all there might.

(Levi first grade, Simon third grade)

…also on a comical note and for my own record books I have to mention that on the day that I sent my older two back to school (the first year that they are both going full day!) my baby Zeb decided to learn how to climb out of his crib and in turn refuse any sort of nap…I swear they have secret meetings to plan this sort of parental torture :)

Make sure to head over to Stacy's blog and read her beautiful thoughts this week on learning...


  1. wonderful, perfect thoughts here rebekah!!
    and i love the verse for the school year, and our families, and everything.

  2. Beautiful collaboration...will be looking forward to these posts every week. Love your eye for beauty and your heart of encouragement, both yours, Rebekah, and Stacy's. Congrats on this wonderful new project! xo

  3. I adore that photo of Zeb! And I'm in love with your SEA to sea diptych! Nice work ladies, looking forward to a seeing what you do...and am also secretly hoping dinner at 8 will come back!!


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