make something monday :: crocheted pom pom hair ties

These little guys are really fun and addicting to make! I love yarn crafts but I am seriously horrible at crochet. I love a little something easy to do with my hands though in the evening after everyone goes to bed so I figured out a way, with my limited knowledge and ability to work the crochet hook how to cover a simple rubber band with some brightly colored yarn. I am thinking these would be the perfect addition to many stockings this holiday season, they feel so festive! Josie and I have been wearing ours for the past few days and they just make me smile!

You don't need much just some rubber bands, yarn, scissors and a crochet hook - mine was a size 6. And seriously do not be intimidated if you have never worked a hook - if I can do this, anyone can do this trust me!

To make the hair tie portion:

1. Start by tying the yarn onto the hair tie just to hold it in place.

2. Bring the hook under the hair tie and pick up the yarn and bring it back through the band.

3. Now do a single crochet by yarning over and bringing it through the first stitch.

4. Repeat bringing the hook under the hair tie and picking up the yarn again - but this time you're going to do a double crochet by yarning over and then bringing the yarn through the two stitches that you have on your hook. Does that make sense?

5. Continue doing double crochets under and over the hair tie until the entire rubber band is covered then pull the yarn through the last loop.

6. Tie the two ends together and trim off the excess - that's it!

To make the pom poms I simply wrapped the yarn about 75 times around my four fingers and then slid the whole mess off and laid it onto a separate piece of yarn wrapping it around the center of the loops and pulling tight. Cut the loops and go to town giving it a nice little hair cut - you're going for round but mine are never quite even. Remember to keep the piece that you tied the pom pom with long so that after you're done with it you can tie it onto the finished hair tie. Tie it tight, snip the tails and boom you're done!

I've also made a few with some fabric covered buttons for a different and equally as easy twist. The skies the limit on possibilities here and like I said they are super addicting once you get started! Hope you have a wonderful Monday friends - lets make something good out of it! xoxo


  1. These are SUPER CUTE!
    Thanks for sharing!!!
    diane @ aug's blog

  2. So cute!! Thanks for always sharing such sweet ideas! xo Heather

  3. Love! Hope you won't mind me linking up at Tangled Happy tomorrow. Thanks so much for sharing these!

  4. It's first time I felt to start crochet when I saw this tutorial on Pinterest. Then went to a shop to get a crochet hook size 6 same as you have, but it looked quite small what I expect. I'm in NZ and found the hook size is different each country! I want to know if your hook is G/6 in US size or. Hope you still check this blog.

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