make something monday :: fabric poppy barrette

I have always adored poppies they are by far one of my most favorite flower. I love their feminine shape and the bright citrus colors they come in and the way their petals curl in slightly - I like to think they are shy and lady like. I love making poppies out of fabric and beads using a flame to lightly singe the petals edges, simple and sweet. These would make an equally pretty brooch for may day or mothers day or any day in between!


synthetic fabric that won't melt, not cotton, a satin or rayon is best - test your fabric before you begin.
circle template cut from card stock (I traced a large pill bottle onto a recycled cereal box)
small beads
needle and thread
fabric glue
alligator clip

1. To make one flower you will need three to five circles cut from your fabric using the template.

2. Fold each circle in half and then in half again and trim down the outside edge just slightly creating two little dips on the inside of the circle. (fourth photo)

3. Using a small candle, carefully singe the edge of each petal just enough the make it curl in slightly. Imperfections are perfect no need to worry to much if they are slightly off.

4. Stack the petals one on top of the other and then use a needle and thread to stitch on four or five tiny black beads to hold the poppy together.

5. Once you have made a few flowers cover an alligator clip with some ribbon using the fabric glue and then glue the poppies in place and let dry.

Simple as that!

 Happy Monday everybody - here's to a wonderful week full to the brim with beauty and life!


  1. So, so pretty! And now for random...did you ever pick your winner for the Noonday necklace?

    1. thank you - and yes! I did I just forgot to post it thank you for the reminder I will be doing that shortly! :)

  2. I just found your blog while searching for birthday banners. Would you mind to please tell me what font you used on the Happy Birthday banner on this post?

    I've looked at various font sites and can't seem to locate it yet. Thank you!

    1. Hi - I think I used the Oaklahoma font but can't exactly remember the size...I know I was able to get two letters on each page if that helps!

  3. Thanks for getting back to me. Did you download it from by chance? I think I found it there.

    1. something like that - I know it was a free download so I am sure it's the same one, have fun!!

  4. Yes, it is free :) Thanks again for sharing--I appreciate it!

  5. GORGEOUS! These also look really fun to make! I need some sturdy fake flowers for my floral photo shoot coming up.

    I'm totally using these.

    Kate from Clear the Way

    1. Thanks Kate! and a flower photo shoot? that sounds so fun!

  6. These look so sweet, thank you for the tutorial!


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