green chicken salad (aka my attempt at a st.patty's day post :))

With Easter so early this year I haven't really given much thought to St Patrick's Day - but what I have given much thought to this week is this chicken salad. I have eaten it four times already (true story) and can't get enough. Have you ever tried chicken salad without the mayo? Well this is the version I've been loving, it's creamy, sweet and spicy and when I made it for Chris he looked up and said "woah this is really good" there you go, husband approved! 

Green Chicken Salad:

1 ripe avocado
1 can of chicken (if you're a veg mashing a can of chickpeas with the avocado instead is super good)
a handful of red grapes cut in half (dried cranberries would be awesome too!)
two chopped green onions
a teaspoon or so of dijon (optional)
herbs de provence, I like several pretty good shakes but just eyeball it

Mash the avocado with the chicken, stir in everything else and season to taste. Serve with crackers, cucumbers or just straight out of the bowl standing over the sink like me as fast as you can while the children are grabbing at your legs :)...enjoy!


  1. That does sound good! I think stuffed inside a croissant would be tasty, too.

    1. Um yep pretty sure that would be I want that ;)

  2. i'm pretty sure the chickpea idea just changed my life!

    i am SO doing that! avocados are my FAVE!
    and maybe you could add some raw cashews, too?
    gahhh! now i'm hungry!
    ***high fives***

  3. I saw this just as I was getting ready to head to the store to get SOMETHING for dinner tonight. Perfect timing! We had it tonight stuffed in pita bread (I wish I had seen the croissant comment!) and it was fantastic! Thank you!

  4. At first I didn`t understand what this was, and I thought "Chicken salad? But it looks like mashed avocado..." But once I actually read this, I realized its genius. It's a recipe for St. Patty's Day I would actually make, eat and enjoy!!

    Some Snapshots Blog

  5. well, it looks darn good!


  6. That looks amazing. What kind of canned chicken do you use?

  7. my mom made this and it was delicious!


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