pipe cleaner princess (and prince) crowns

I love finding fun little girly crafts to do with my daughter since she spends a lot of her time playing with action figures and toy cars and her three wild brothers. She also gets her fill of doll houses and ponies thought so I suppose it's a good mix for her but selfishly I love to do the tea parties and nail painting just as much as she does. What surprised me with this craft though was how into the crown making my five year old boy was - I think seeing all of Moms special fabric and embellishments and glue got his creative juices flowing. Whatever it was these super simple crowns were tons of make believe fun!


pipe cleaners
fabric scraps
sequins and jewels

To make a crown simply measure your child's head with pipe cleaners to create the base and then use one or two more pipe cleaners to shape any points you want on the face of the crown.

Using fabric scraps and glue cover the entire crown and then add any jewels, sequins and embellishments your heart desires. Then get ready to make believe some royal fun!

On a side note I made a practice crown the night before our little cousin tea party to use as a visual example. I put it on and walked by my boys room where Chris was reading to them before bed. He looked up and I kid you not looked at me like I had lost my mind. He confessed later that he was worried I was making the crown as an accessory NOT a dress up toy. It was super awesome...I wore around a bit longer with a smirk. :)


  1. These are great--love the multi-color one!

  2. Adorable! And, by the way, I think we're related in the accused of accessory and smirking area : )

  3. These are FABULOUS!


  4. This is perfect! I can't wait to do this with my little girl.... and my fabric scraps!


  5. That last picture of Josie is awesome!

  6. These crowns are too cute! I love how you added fabric around yours, too. I've seen other pipe cleaner crowns here and there but always worried about the exposed wire at the ends of the pipe cleaner. The fabric definitely looks way cuter and more comfortable! :)

  7. why not sell them for adults in your shop? ;) oh chris! I wish I would have seen this yesterday I could have totally made a Queen's crown for Wes' show and tell...it's the letter Q

  8. she is so cute ! very very pretty crown !
    thanks for sharing

  9. This is absolutely darling!
    Jillian - PS, if you have a moment, I'd love to invite you to come check out the giveaway we're hosting for a $50.00 gift card to Shabby Apple!

  10. Me encantan!!! - I love them!!!
    Thanks for sharing it with us, great job!!


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