perler bead oven ornaments

I saw this pin on Pinterest awhile back and was super intrigued by the idea of melting perler beads in the oven. The pin isn't in English and even translated, a bit confusing so I decided to experiment and see if we could find a way to make our own ornaments with cookie cutters and beads this year.

We tried a few times but finally found that heating the oven to 250 degrees was the right temp to not completely melt and distort the look of the beads. I placed the cookie cutters on parchment paper after giving them a quick spray with cooking oil. The kids helped put a single layer in the bottom of each and I used a skewer to arrange them a bit (this tool was key and so helpful when I figured it out) it takes a bit of patience to cover the bottom.

I baked them for about 50 minutes in the oven (make sure they look like they are melted and stuck together) and then let them cool. Popped them out of the cookie cutters and added some bakers twine to the tops before displaying on the tree.

A pretty fun little project for the kids to do - Pinterest win I would say!

I am still working on my little bottle brush trees - I haven't had many free hands the past few days - little Zeb is sick and has literally the worst, most persistent diaper rash I have ever dealt with. We are talking up every hour or two in the night even screaming in pain. Anyone out there with any tips on treating the worst sort of rash this tired Mommy would be so appreciative I feel like I have tried it all!

Hope you guys have a great Friday...I can't believe we only have four more days until Christmas! I will be back with more tree pictures I promise!


  1. these are So cute!
    and i totally feel for you, 3 out of my 4 had super sensitive's what we do...bath in the sink with warm water and tons of baking soda (helps with the inflammation) and then pat dry and spread on coconut oil. It doesn't magically solve everything but it does help- especially when its bleeding and miserable.
    Love your blog (as always) and hope you have a merry christmas! :)

  2. I love it! Thanks for doing the work to figure it out! We're totally doing this!

  3. CUTE oranaments, but I am so sorry about Zeb's diaper rash. When my eldest suffered from the same thing as a baby and nothing seemed to help, our pediatrician recommended a cream called Calmoseptine. It's available at most pharmacies without a prescription, but you might have to ask for it at the counter as they don't always keep it on the shelves. It worked wonders for us. I second Meagan's baking soda bath suggestion, as well. Very soothing for every type of skin irritation.

  4. Such a fun and cute idea! They came out so wonderfully!

  5. Coconut oil and lots of naked time..diaper rash creams always just made things worse for our kids.

    1. I agree about the coconut oil and naked time. We use Burt's Bees diaper cream BUT it's only preventative; no good once the rash is there. Also, we use witch hazel for soothing and I'd suggest washing with baking soda/water mix with each change.

  6. poor baby! jojoba oil is anti inflammatory and very soothing and nourishing.
    i love it!
    those ornaments are a total WIN!!!

  7. I'm not sure if you can get it here, (maybe Amazon?) but in all my years working in day cares I never met a nappy rash that could contend with metenium cream. It's not an all natural cure, but it works FAST and I honestly can say it worked every single time. Levi hasn't suffered with a bad nappy rash yet, but I would get some shipped over if I think it is starting.

  8. I was curious, so I googled it...

  9. My oldest son had very sensitive skin and got horrible diaper rash often as a baby. He would have open, bleeding sores and would just scream when we'd have to change him.
    I remember crying over it often.
    We finally learned that he was getting yeast infections along with the diaper rash and so we needed to clear up the yeast infection along with the rash.
    The concoction that worked was a combination of diaper cream (I like Burt's Bees) an anti fungal cream for the yeast infection (we used lotrramin) and then some anti bacterial cream to help heal and protect from the open sores.
    When we used those 3 and were vigilant about changing dirty diapers immediately, his rashes usually cleared up pretty quickly and he didn't have to go on any more serious kind of medicated cream.
    Best of luck and I hope he feels better soon.
    Merry Christmas!
    Love from,

  10. ooh they are lovely, hope that bottom gets better soon.

  11. These are adorable!! Poor little Zeb! No fun at all!!

  12. these are so cute! i'd like to see what they'd loo like more melty, as well. could be cool! x

  13. My daughter got horrible diaper rash. She, too, had a yeast infection. Her pediatrician prescribed a cream for that and it helped immensely! We also would use black tea. After every diaper change we rubbed tea (steeped and cooled) soaked cotton balls on the affected area. Something in the tea helps to dry out the rash. Then we put her prescription cream (for the yeast infection) on, then diaper rash cream (we like Butt Paste), then a massive amount of petroleum jelly. The petroleum jelly creates a physical barrier so that the skin is better protected. Good luck!

  14. Both my children had nappy rash, I could never use disposable nappies always cloth ones washed in mild soap powder and dried in the sun also used celestones cream, I think that was what it was called but this was awhile back so not sure if it is still available.

  15. Here's a list of natural remedies.

    The vinegar & water solution worked like a charm for me.

  16. What a great idea!
    I'm definitely trying this next year!

  17. my daughter also used corn flower for her nappy rash jean


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