Prairie Feather Necklace

I have a sweet spot for feather accessories this time of year they just feel like fall to me. I had fun putting together this easy pendant this week to celebrate the beginning of November and the holiday season. I think I will make another one with four feathers, one for each of my little baby birds - who are not all such babies anymore, sigh.

It was super easy - here is what you need to make one:

fabric scraps
spray adhesive
feather template (optional)
jump rings and clasp
jewelry pliers

1. For each feather you will need two small squares of fabric. If you want to use a template for your feather (I used this one and sized it at 75% before printing it on card stock) make sure to cut each square the same height as the feather you desire. It will make sense in a sec - if you don't use a template and just want to free form cut the feather this step doesn't matter.

2. Lay each square of fabric on a piece of cardboard or another surface that won't get ruined by your spray adhesive and spray each piece. Then place a piece of wire approximately 6 inches or so in the middle of one of the squares and lay the opposite one on top and firmly press to stick. Let dry briefly.

3. Cut the square into a feather when it is dry using your template. Make sure to lay the template on top so that the wire is running through the center of the feather.

4. Wire wrap each end of wire. If you need a tutorial for this HERE is a good one!

5. Using your jewelry tools add jump rings and chain to get the desired length for your necklace.

Simple as that and a fun way to use up the ever growing pile of fabric scraps too! I hope you guys have a wonderful day today I will be back later on with our first capturing our blessings set!!

Another fun feather accessory tutorial HERE!


  1. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing! ;) xo Heather

  2. A great scrap fabric project...I wonder if I can find scraps from each of their quilts for you to use?

  3. Love this project - wonderful for gifts this season. Thanks for always sharing these beautiful projects

  4. Love this!! I love feather accessories but don't like to use real feathers. Great idea :)

  5. Thanks...lovely.


  6. Hello! I loved this idea and tried my hand at it! I've never made jewelry before so this was such a fun first project! Unfortunately the Elmer's Spray adhesive I used didn't work very well. The fabric separated after a day. Do you have any recommendation for this problem? Thanks!

  7. just love this so so much... and it's easy! thank you for sharing! ♥

  8. That is so adorable! I love it, thanks for sharing!

  9. Thank you so much for sharing this post.
    I like it!

  10. Just love this. I made 3 of them. Instead of spray adhesive I used fusible webbing. thank you for sharing

  11. PS, I'm going to try those earrings next. I was wondering if ultra Suede would work?

  12. It is a very nice idea for DIY Necklace!


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